Wednesday, December 21, 2005

School Teachers Aren't Paid Nearly Enough

I feel a little frazzled.

I have just returned from the Holiday Parties at the kids school.

I am now drinking Diet Coke in an attempt to calm my nerves. (You know it's an addiction when you drink it to feel "normal")

There is nothing like volunteering on one of the most crazy days of the year. The kids are already wild with excitement. Then a bunch of the "fun" parents think it's really cool to load them up with sugar and then see how many of them can explode from all the sugar generated energy. (today the sugar was served in all forms-- from candy to Mountain Dew! What were they thinking?) All while the teachers have these looks on their faces that are somewhere between cheer and pure exhaustion.

This afternoon I will peel The Boy down from the ceiling and look forward to the next few days of hanging out together before all the holiday excitement begins. Tomorrow we will bake!

On a side note, a couple weeks ago I was asked to speak for the Woman's Annual Christmas Party at our church. I put together a little devotional about Christmas. I thought I would post it in three parts, over three days(starting tomorrow) here in the blog. I hope you enjoy it. I feel much better...writing a little bit and drinking Diet much cheaper than therapy.


Lara said...

La Vida Dulce!