Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Mother's Pride

In motherhood there are sometimes opportunities to make you feel like you are doing a good job being a mother.

If your a mother you know what I mean.

You spend minutes, days, weeks and years teaching them so they will be wise and knowledgeable. And that moment comes quickly and unexpectedly.

It's that moment when your kids does or says the right thing... and you, for a brief shining moment, can act like it was all because of your fine parenting skills.

It's a moment that the angels sing and you have to wipe a tear of happiness from the eye...

This moment happened just this morning on our way to school.

The Boy was trying to tell me about a gift he might buy his teacher. He couldn't think of quite the right word so he asked "What is a high heel?"

The Girl, with great excitement in her eyes says "It's a shoe!!!".

The Boy says " No, that's not what I was thinking of."

The Girl says "Was it a pump? A sandal?"


"Was it a clog? An open toe?"


"A boot? A mule? Mary Jane's?"

"Cut it out! It isn't a shoe! I am not thinking about shoes, OK?"

The Girl's reply:

"Well I am ."

That's my girl.


Lara said...

And if Julia could talk she'd say "AMEN SISTER" Just today I found one of my black Cole Haans that she hid before Thanksgiving!

meh said...

How cute is that! I see a glorious career as a buyer for DSW in her future.

Anonymous said...

waiting for the next installment?

Jen said...

Me too...thinking about shoes, that is!!!!