Saturday, October 01, 2005

Rabbit Rabbit!

In eighth grade I went to school with a girl whose family had a tradition to wake up on the first day of each month and race to see who could say "Rabbit Rabbit!" to each other first. Whoever said it first got some sort of prize. I think it is funny that I can't remember why or what they did this for but I still think to myself "Rabbit Rabbit" occasionally on the first of the month...weird.

Well, speaking of rabbits who are fast runners...You all have heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare...

Just by the fact that my fingers are typing this blog you can assume that I have made it through the 10K. I actually did pretty well...for someone who is not a rabbit. My goal was to run the entire course...without walking. And I did meet that goal. My running partner and her two friends wanted to run it in under an hour. My goals were not that high! I just wanted to finish! At the last half mile or so the others decided to go ahead and try to make their goal of less than an hour and quickened their pace. So the last 1/2 mile I just kept going along... Slow and steady (think tortoise). But I didn't too bad. I made it in 1 hour and....drumroll please....1 minute. Not too shabby for this "jogger" girl. My running friends made it in just under an hour and met there goal as well. Of course this was a "club" run with only a handful of "non-club" members (that would be us!). The club is fairly serious with true "runners" who took this run like a stroll in the park and in under 40 minutes! And let me tell you when that 70 year old lady passed me by with nary a bead of sweat or a breath too long, I was humbled... and yet encouraged!

But I wasn't dead last...and I didn't walk.

But now after several weeks of training...I am walking for the next week! This ole' turtle needs a rest!