Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Country Living

We always dreamed of having a home in the country where our children would have the luxury of spending most of their time out doors instead of in front of the TV. And we are grateful that we are living that dream in an amazing way....

We have enjoyed sipping soda's on the deck and taking short walks over to the lake. We have listened to the wind blow through the pines and listened to the crickets chirp happily at sunset...

But there has been trouble around our friendly woods...

There is a large family that lives here in the country with us. The nasty Poison Family. They looked harmless enough...honestly we really hadn't even notice them, but they are there... hiding, and lurking about. Through reliable sources we have found they are completely, undeniably, unscrupulous and sneaky. They are despicably mean and they have a tendency to bite.

They are three little "Untouchables" by the names Ivy, Oak and Sumac. And they have overtaken our acre...and my firstborn child.

I was a little bothered when I saw them hanging around the driveway, but now they have messed with my baby...the war is on.

We won't be defeated! NO! We won't back away. We are ready and armed with "Weed-B-Gone" and Prednisone!

We are taking back our yard if it's the last things we do!