Friday, October 21, 2005

A Happy, Happy birthday!

After having Jen in town and celebrating my birthday last weekend, I feel like I get to have a birthday two weekends in a row!

Today I am officially 33 years old and it was a great day...

I got to spend the day with my favorite man, shopping and hanging out. We had lattes at Starbucks, bought red shoes at REI, ate a yummy lunch, picked up the kids, had pizza for dinner and had my fave cake...Baskin Robbins ice cream cake: chocolate mint chip/chocolate cake flavor.

It was a great day...

I got lots of amazing gifts...but this was the best...

In the early morning darkness, dimly lit by a small lamp, wrapped in a blanket, drinking coffee, and reading at my little desk I heard a little one come creaking down the stairs. It was The Girl who was still warm in her cozy fall-time PJ's and shading her eyes from the light. She says "Happy Birthday, Mom" in a sweet quiet voice...she crawls into my lap for a minute then hops down and the says she'll be right back. A few seconds later she comes back with a piece of paper in her hands and announces, "Here's an early birthday gift for you..." and I reach out to receive the paper when she leans over, gives me the sweetest kiss on the cheek and quietly scampers out of the room, paper still in hand.


I also heard from many friends. How fun is it to come home from doing all that fun stuff and hear voice messages from people all over the country including new friends right here in town.

Have I mentioned it was a great day?

Someone asked me why I liked birthdays so much. She didn't really like birthdays...cuz it means you get older. My thought was that I love birthdays because it gives us a chance to be happy for someone, to be thankful, to be encouraged and to give a gift.. Whether it's a phone call, or a visit, or a kiss on the cheek. But what I said was "I grew up in a home where we enjoyed celebration. I like to celebrate."

And now I look forward to next years birthday...

On this day next year my family and i will be celebrating like never before...

'Cuz my youngest brother is FINALLY going to tie the knot with a gal we all think is pretty cool.

364 more days...the countdown is on.