Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Kills Bugs Fast

This morning, after the kids were off to school and I was in the middle of some serious oatmeal eating and reading the paper on the internet, I notice something scurry across the foyer. After a second look I realized that a huge (about the size of a dime), black spider was hurrying off to find someplace nice to build a nest and have lots and lots of baby spiders in my home...my first reaction was to holler for my seriously brave bug killer...my 8 year old son.

These are the times when I seriously consider homeschooling... that way I won't ever have to worry about being alone in the house with insects...or worse...Arachnids. But I was brave and found a nearby shoe and killed that spider in one hard swat and then I cleaned up the mess...which is also a gross task that he readily takes care of (and I might mention that my sweet, brave boy will not very often pick up after himself until he has killed a bug...then it is fun to clean up and inspect the fresh kill).

After this exciting adventure, and a few minutes of nice thoughts about the advantages of having a cool son, I thought that maybe I would blog about it...but then decided not to, in the event that someone may not know of my bug "issues" and think less of me.

But I was wrong to think I could hide such a flaw.

The Boy came home today and said that his class had written a book and everyone in the "whole school" was going to read it. He was so excited to show me his copy of this book. It was a photo copied copy, neatly bound with staples down the middle to make the spine.

The book is called "Helping With The Jobs". And it explains what everyone in the class does to help their parents at home. Some said they helped with laundry, some said they cleaned their room. One little boy said that he helped his Dad with the goats! After about 20 pages I asked The Boy when his page would come up...he said it would be soon...

The very last page of the book read:

The jig is up. I am afraid of bugs and I use my children to kill them.