Monday, October 17, 2005

Pride...The Root of All Botched Eyebrows

There is a biblical saying that goes like this: Pride goes before destruction...Proverbs 16:18

And let me announce that it is always good to have a little bit of humility before one waxes her eyebrows.

About a year ago I decided that I was tired of paying someone almost $20 bucks to remove unsightly facial hair. I mean really, how hard can it be to put hot wax above your eyeballs and strip away unwanted strays...or in my case large strips that look like the gigantic, black, furry caterpillars my kids find in the face actually feels lighter afterward...some people take off their shoes when they weigh themselves...I wax my brows. But I digress....

I had been doing pretty good, if I don't say so myself (which is precisely where I got myself into trouble).

Today, I was in a rush. And I had been doing so well. I thought myself a pro...

Confession: I was beginning to think I could do this on other people...not anybody I know. Just some people I saw on TV or when I people watch at the mall, etc.

I now know why people actually go to school to learn this stuff and get paid big bucks to do then you can blame someone else when people ask why you look surprised in one eye all the time.

Oh well...the good news is that they most definitely will grow back...Do you think the Uni-brow will ever become fashionable?