Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Birds

Life here in the Little Yellow House on the Hill is going swimmingly. We are trying to sop up every last bit of summer. It's gone so fast we're apprehensive to blink.

This week I am trying to get a few projects wrapped up in my office, including organizing a years worth of pictures into a file so I can get them into a book when digital photo books go on sale (an excellent tip I learned at the Becoming Conference). I hadn't realized how much 'stuff' I have photographed. I've got a mess of flowers and trees and things that won't move. They are all in various stages of blurry-ness, but each month I'm learning more.

Today I did get side tracked while playing with Picmonkey. Last month in Arizona I sat in my parents backyard and took pictures of a dove at sunset. While I loved the silhouette the lighting cast, I decided it might be the perfect picture to play and learn to use the editing tools.

This is what I started with:

This is with generous use of filters and tweaking, and one of my favorite scripture verses.

I've got to pull myself away from the computer now. I do have a couple embroidery orders that need sewing, and I've got a large crocheted lace shawl spread out (on a sheet) on the floor, ready for blocking.

But maybe a quick cup of tea first... after all, I only have four more days of summer left!


Sara said...

That is a beautiful picture! I think Jason would have a blast with Picmonkey.