Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Day with The Mister

We strolled together on the first day of school. Thankful for some time together.

I also thought about that day when a walk in the garden with the man I love is the rule, not the exception.

Though we know it unwise to spend much energy in the times yet to come, it stands before us and demands our attention. In weaker moments we can't help but take it in.

We've entered The Evens: 10th and 8th. Traditionally The Evens have felt well rounded and winsome. This year they leave odd numbered thoughts tumbling in our heads... one year left before she joins him in High School... three years left 'til he's flown from our nest.

The problem is,  the math doesn't make sense. On paper, parenting looks long and drawn out. Could it be our counting was wrong?

So we walk. And though this trouble with numbers weighs heavy on our mind, we don't spend much on that conversation. We talk of sermons we've heard, or books we've read. We laugh about funny moments at work and at home. We enjoy coffee and each other, and we talk about them... the greatest gifts we've ever been given. When they become the focus of our conversation, we might commiserate on how they leave their socks on the floor, "borrow" things that never find their way back, drink from six different cups a day. We laugh at how loud the music has become.

In that space the silence will sail. We're pondering things we haven't the courage to speak. We'll miss those socks and sweet faces. We'll miss having them to talk to and play with.

How will we cope? Is the question we think. The answer?

We'll lean on each other, and pray even more.

We'll walk in the garden together.