Monday, October 18, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend to Felicitous Fall Fiesta

Usually when my weekends are jam-packed its bittersweet. I enjoy all the activity, but it makes the weekend go so quickly.

This weekend I went to the State Fair, celebrated the end of the first quarter of school, went to two soccer games, sang at church, ate supper at a Pig Pickin', went to a two-hour Zumba-thon to help raise money for a family in our community, and... this is just the short list.

It was a good weekend...a funnel-cake sort of that is good to have once (or twice) a year.

In contrast to last week's busyness, this morning I'm slowly sipping coffee contentedly. The Mister is home, the kids are sleeping in and I am sitting on the front side of seven more days without school or work.

Love. That.

Of course, this week won't be all sunshine and roses...I have to have a root canal, the start of a crown and a three hour visit to the allergist for testing, but, I also have a birthday to celebrate...and y'all know how I love a birthday.

Much like this post, my week has no big agenda. I hope to get into my office and finish up a few projects that are half finished so I can start something else. What are you doing this week?

Happy Monday!


Kristin said...

Your weekend sounds great!
Sorry about the root canal. My 12 yr old had one this summer and I felt so bad for her. I hope you get pampered a little bit. And, happy early birthday! :-)

Sami said... I haven't had a funnel cake in so long!! And that looks so good!!!Glad you got to fit it in before the root canal :)

Carpool Queen said...

Funnel cake makes everything better, doesn't it?

Sandy said...

I'm probably the 1 in a million who doesn't like funnel cake (or any of the "offerings" @ the State Fair, foodwise). But it sounds like you had an awesome weekend!
And Happy Birthday!!
I'm resting up today after a wonderful week of having the kids with us in the mountains & doing lots of fun things.
I'm going biking tomorrow, DOWN a mountain.
I'm having friends (2 couples) come in on Thur. so planning on lots of talk, games, eating, & fun.
And somewhere in the mix, weeding, dusting, washing screens, etc. Whew, wears me out just thinking about it!

His Girl said...

what am I doing this week?

well, not having fair food, sadly...

but I get to attend two nights of celebration for a project I finished this year- and I have justified a fancy dress for the shindig! hooty hoo!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Our school district calls the week of Thanksgiving break our "Fall Break". I don't think that's quite accurate and am coveting your week off with your family. Sounds wonderful.