Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things I Do to Make Things Better

The office was warm and inviting.

Soft lighting, soothing music.

It felt...expensive.

For those of you who are just checking in today, I had an Endodontist appointment to look over tooth #19. That's dental speak for the big molar on the bottom left that hurts when you eat.

The visit was short and I'll go back next week for the Big Drill.

The good news (cuz y'all know I like some Good News!) is that I don't have an infection, its merely a fractured tooth.

The bad news is that I still need a root canal.

But let's not talk of such things.

Let's talk about how to deal with stress, shall we?

For the sake of time, and because searching Common Ways People Deal With Stress on Google was depressing, I want to tell you how I handle stress.

On the other hand... let's keep things positive. I won't write about the ineffective ways I deal with stress such as worry, fret, over-exercise, hyperventilating, or (occasionally) crying like a baby when no one is around. I'll just assume you have your own variations on those themes.

Instead, I present Five Helpful (and highly effective) Therapies:

1. Medicinal Noodle Therapy -

Specifically Annie Chun noodle bowls (my faves are the Miso and Udon flavors). I have slurped a bowl every day for lunch more times than I am willing to admit this week.

2. Beneficial Baking -

Today's recipe of choice will be Pumpkin Bread and Peanut Butter cookies, both recipes from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. I've borrowed this book so many times from the library that I recognize my own splattered cookie-dough stains in the margins. I should just go get my own copy...especially since no one knows when the need for Beneficial Baking will strike.

3. Curative Cleaning -

This picture, is supposed to show countertop's that "shine like the top of the Chrysler building." Nothing will smooth down my rough edges quicker than a clean, orderly, shiny, kitchen counter top.

4. Re-wearing Remedy

In the picture above is the pair of jeans I have now worn for three days in-a-row. Why? Because jeans fresh out of the dryer are not as comforting as jeans that are soft and broken-in. I assure you, they still look and smell great.

5. The Couch and Cover Corrective with a heaping dose of  Sugar is the Solution 

Technically, these are two solutions that can be used as separate therapies, but they work so beautifully together that it seems counteractive to list them otherwise....

This is my spot on the couch with one of my beloved quilts (I have several and hope to collect more.) Have I mentioned I having a great fondness for quilts? They remind me of Psalm 139:5.

Bunny Trail: I want to tell you that my mother gave that quilt to me, but the truth is that it "accidentally" ended up in our suitcase a few years back...those darn kids. I'll have to talk to them about that.)

I enjoy wrapping up, quilted-burrito style, and eating whatever type of sugar is on the coffee table. The jar to the right is usually filled with peanut m&m's, but during seasonal times I try to mix it up.

Just in case we might run out of "sugar in its purest form", I do have a back-up plan: Sugar in its buttery-caramel form. Amazingly enough, its good for you. It says "made with REAL milk" right on the package. 

So there you have it, Five Helpful (and highly effective) Therapies for relieving stress.

I feel better already.


Such The Spot said...

All of which seem like perfectly suitable therapies to me. Although...might that last one be one of the reasons why you're forced to seek out therapy in the first place? ;) Not that I'm throwing stones because, um, I've got a bit of a sweet tooth myself.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the hot bubble bath!!! Thanks one of my favorite remedies!! LOL

That's cool!


Unknown said...

Darcie, Ironically my tooth is not rotten but broken...and I broke it while eating Ann's House Soy Energy Blend. That's what I get for trying to eat healthfully!

But I DO have a wicked sweet tooth!

His Girl Amber said...

This post made me superduper happy. I love all your remedies, just reading about them made me feel better already!

Sandy M. said...

I was LOL when I read the description of the first one, because just looking at the picture I thought, "what kind of worms are those?" I think I may pass on that dish...

I have so many stains on a cookbook I got for a wedding gift, nearly 43 yrs. ago! I think the one you've borrowed so many times needs to go on your Christmas wish list!

I rarely watch network "news" anymore, but I remember about a year ago when I was sick watching "Good AM America", & 3 of the female co-hosts said that they always wear their jeans at least 3 times before washing them... Typically when I try to go beyond 2 days, I spill something or get some soil or something on mine, but they sure feel better when they're not so "fresh".

Tanya said...

My (healthier) stress busters:

- hot drinks -- tea, coffee, cider, it doesn't matter; just something cozy to warm my insides.

- a good book to lose myself in

- a pedicure

- Jane Austen

Anonymous said...

oo so glad its not infected! Good luck under the big drill.. eat a pb cookie for me :-)

Carpool Queen said...

I eat potato products when I'm stressed. Did you know that eating them releases serotonin?

Good stuff, maynard.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I REALLY need to go see about one of my molars but the dentist (and his fees) scare me.

And you know what makes me feel better almost instantly? To scour my sink. I do it