Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Severe Allergic Reaction

Last week I was tested for allergies.

I've had chronic hives for many years, kept (somewhat) dormant by massive amounts of antihistamine.

I was instructed to stop all antihistamines for 5 full days before walking into the allergist's very clean office.

This was no small undertaking. On the fifth day- Testing Day - I was so itchy that I hadn't slept in days and my stomach was queasy for relief.

From my scalp to in-between my toes I was on fire with itchiness.

Of course when I walked into the office I hadn't ONE measly hive.

Luckily, in the course of the three-hour visit they did manage to make their mad appearance (scratch, scratch, scratch).

The doctor did warn me that hives are weird, often coming with no reason and leaving quite the same, but she hadn't seen them persist over the course of five years.

Upon examination, in which she also looked at my ears and throat, she noticed signs of post nasal drip accompanied with a slighty-stuffy nose. So she tested me for over 50 allergens that might cause hives and hay fever.

I had one of the most severe reactions she had ever seen....

Are you ready for it?

I am severely allergic to: nothing.

You may already know that the allergist pokes your skin (over and over) with allergens and the reaction is ranked from 1- not very allergic,  to 4 - so allergic it could endanger your life.

Every skin-poked reading was "negative," as in didn't react at all.

Except for dust, which she ranked as >1.

I think she "gave" Dust to me so I didn't feel bad for completely bombing her allergy test.

Because I had done copius amounts of itching-induced research  completed a Google search, I knew that the chances of pinpointing a chronic-hive allergen was probably going to be unlikely. I was just exceedingly glad I wasn't allergic to any of my favorite food groups: coffee, wheat, diary, or sugar.

So, for those who wanted to know...there you have it - I have a severe allergy to nothing...and a smidgeon to dust.


Anonymous said...

yikes!! I didnt realize someone could be allergic to nothing.. I will be sure to get an epi pen to keep handy :-P That stinks they didnt find anything! Is there a next step?

Lara Lleverino said...

But did they test you for HOUSEWORK? I know I break out in hives all the time because of housework!

Blue Skies said...

I am glad nothing big came up with this round, but the skin testing is only for IgE mediatiated immunities. There is also IgA and IgG which are more gut mediated. I'm so sorry you are still having hives, don't give up on finding the cause! I've had a rash for 4ish years that I am still trying to get to the bottom of.. I think it is a food, I just haven't pinpointed which one yet. Hugs to you!!

Unknown said...

Blue Skies is right. Did they draw blood for the IgA tests? Don't be too confident that dairy and wheat are safe yet!! :) So sorry to hear about your suffering and praying for God to reveal wisdom in this for you soon!

Unknown said...

Jessica and Blue Skies,

They did draw a lot of blood. Not sure if they are testing those specific things! Ikniw they are testing for some autoimmune stuff...but I was so itchy at the moment all I could think of was "can I have zyrtech now!??". ;)

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

What the heck?

What did he say to do?

June, who knows nothing said...

Do you read Musings of a Housewife? She is all about eating really clean and I know you eat well, but maybe it is something you eat. I say this with my advanced medical degree in allergens and also nutrition.

Amber said...



Back to the antihistamines, huh?

Carpool Queen said...

All that for NOTHING????



Lily Jane said...

Okay, weirdly enough, I get badddd hives from going from warm to cold (or vice versa). Could be something like that?

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Do you still have hives? Did you resume antihistamine usage? Do you know anything more? (Sorry for all the questions!)