Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Recap in Pictures

Good morning y'all!

I have to post quick this morning because we are down to one mouse in this house.

Computer mouse, that is.

And the kids will need to take the mouse to the other computer to do their math.

We had a good weekend....

It started with a "No School" pass, and birthday bagels at Brueggars:

Where he got to open the gift from his sister.

Then I went home and started to put together my first ever Lego cake.

Uh, blue frosting?  It looked good but I just couldn't eat it...I have the same problem with blue m&m's.

Later that evening he had the dinner of his choice: homemade waffles with whipped cream, and "real" bacon...(as opposed to turkey bacon...I don't often dig on swine...Its just not my thing.)

On Saturday as it drizzled and rained all day The Mister prepared the fire pit and I got all the fixin's prepared for the big party.

I worried a bit about the weather, which was completely wasted time...I had forgotten that fire is the love language of man. Rain or shine.

Not only did we have cake and ice cream, but then we had smores.

So the short story? We invited 13 children over to stand in the rain and play with fire. Then I filled them up with junk food, jacked them up with soda, cake and roasted sugar...and sent them home smelling of smoke and dripping wet.

Life is good when you're twelve!

Happy Monday!


Tiffani said...

Okay, I'm calling you one day this week to discuss that cake because Connor has requested the for his birthday!!!

Looks like a super fun time was had by all...That Boy is just too handsome...looks like he and Connor have so much in common!

really.truly said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me. By the looks of the birthday boy's smile, I would say that it was!!

I don't do blue either, but that cake is really cool.

Gretchen said...

Okay, so you don't do don't do blue. Must we start making a list? ;)

Looks like from start to finish, The Boy had an amazing day. What a cake! And what a fire. I think for about 3 years in a row we did a backyard campout for David. There's just nothing like a bunch of kids running around with sticks set to fire. Good times.

The boy IS quite handsome. But you don't have to tell him I said that. And I'll try not to show David all the fancy Star Wars legos. For he would be jealous.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

oo sounds like a great birthday!! What fun to get a No School pass! Love the lego cake!

Lauren H. said...

I see some people that I know in your pics :-) Looks like fun was had by all! Awesome job on the lego cake! I'm a big fan of cake and making them but I've never tried using fondant. We must get together one of these days and you teach me how to make/wrangle it :-)

Megan O. said...

Looks like such a great bday weekend! A drizzly day capped off by a campfire and s'mores sounds glorious! (it's only 103 here now!)

Carpool Queen said...

Seeing the Girl drape her arm around the Boy makes me so very happy. As the youngest of four with three older brothers, that's just such a special bond.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun birthday celebration.

I'm with Gretchen...I was giggling a little at my quirky friend. No blue icing, no pig....You are a funny one.

Tracey said...

My, My...isn't the birthday boy a handsome fella???

If you visit my blog later this week you might see that we had very similar son turns 11 on the 6th, but we had an early sleepover party for 5 of his friends. Pizza, Reeses cake, Reeses ice cream, and video can't go wrong!

Gretchen said...

I can't resist a good fire either!

So glad he had a fun day!!

Elizabeth said...

Super fun birthday! I prefer the real bacon too, and waffles are a great b'day dinner. The pic of you and your boy is so good!

Blue creeps me out a little too. The one time my kids had blue frosting on a b'day cake at a friend's house, the strange colors in the potty the next day really weirded us all out!

His Girl said...

What a great time! I'm with Gretchen, that Boy is quite handsome! Get ready, Momma, cause cute boys cause quite a stir...

not that I know firsthand or anything ;)