Friday, September 11, 2009

Of Roses and Fridays

Did you hear that great sigh of relief last night around 8:30pm Eastern time?

That was me finishing the last stitch on the embroidery for the Chuppah!

Oh, I am so relieved.  Next week I have some friends coming over to help sew the main pieces all together (they also must be done by hand in order to preserve the old materials). I may have to make one more quilt square, but that part is relatively easier than hand monogramming!

I hope I don't sounds as if I am complaining. I've enjoyed every stitch. Its probably the most extensive project I have ever done, so I am just really, well, proud of it. I think the bride and her family will be happy with the results. I'll be sure to post a picture as soon as its entirely finished!

However, early yesterday morning I needed to get started on the cake I am making for the bridal shower on Sunday.

I wanted to have the fondant made before the kids got up and I had to teach school.

The Boy actually got up and decided that he would take pictures. "For the blog", he said.

And although I was void of make-up and contact lenses, and still in workout clothes and an apron, I decided to let him. Plus, my hands were covered in fondant so, really, what could I do?

We laughed together when he showed me these photos. He said he was gonna call this set "Concentration" based on this photo.

He's a funny guy, that kid.

I mixed white fondant for the cake, and tinted some to make leaves and roses, but I wasn't in love with the texture for the roses. I had heard (primarily in my fave show The Cake Boss ), that gum paste would be a better medium for flowers, but I have always been to afraid to try.

Yesterday, I was brave.

I mixed up some gum paste, tinted it pink and started to make flowers.

Oh! I will never go back to fondant flowers. I like the leaves in fondant because they keep malleable and I will be able to bend them a bit when I decorate the cake....but really, if you have been avoiding gum paste, don't. You'll be addicted to all the cool things you can make!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

okay your like the cake whisperer.. I thought I was creative when I made a paw print out of big circle and cupcakes.. and piped the edge!! I can't wait to see the Chuppah! I am sure its beautiful!

meh said...

Gasp! That is truly a beautiful cake!

Tiffani said...

Look at you! Amazing. Seriously.

I want to know how to do fondant!!! It looks like so much fun!!!

I know the Chuppah is a masterpiece, I do. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you and for you...because I can only imagine the extensiveness...I want to go the wedding as a guest of the Chuppah!! Seriously, we're "her" family here!!

Love and miss ya!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You sure your name isn't Martha?

Kelly, those roses are AMAZING. Cannot wait to see the finished cake.

Cannot wait to see the finished chuppah either. You are awesome!

Gretchen said...

Is there no end to your talents?

We heart the Cake Boss here, too. Those roses are wonderful. And the boy is pretty wonderful, too. I'm glad to see "concentration" and all the rest. :)

Amber said...

Girl, you are so stinkin' talented.


And, oh, how we adore The Cake Boss. I love the way he says, "FON-DONT."

Cracks me up. Every.Stinkin'.Time.

Anonymous said...

You must be embarrassed to call me friends. I don't even ice cupcakes well.

I really wish I could enroll in La Vida Dulce homeschool!!!

Charity said...

Wow.. you are amazing (referring to both the Chuppah and the cake.. and just YOU) :)

Dana M said...

Where did you find the recipe for gum paste? I have been wanting to try my hand at that!

Tracey said...

If it's OK, I'd like to be you when I grow up.

Simply gorgeous...and, like the masses, I cannot wait to see the Chuppah!

Have a productive and delightful Saturday!

Carpool Queen said...

I'm with are we even friends.....

So tickled to be able to call you one, though.

Lori said...

Wow - I'm so impressed! And I LOVE Cake Boss too! Have a great weekend - hope you get some much-deserved rest as well!

His Girl said...

trying to figure out how we can live closer to each other so some of your waycoolness would rub off on me.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Can't wait to see it all put together. How will we ever be able to cut into such a masterpiece?! K2

O Mom said...

Can't wait for pictures!

Unknown said...

What talent, girl!
I love the colors, too.

Jackie said...

Ok - those are amazing. Now, you've got to tell me how to make gum paste! Is it something you make from scratch? Or do you buy something at Michael's or something? Help! I'm clueless!

Kristin said...

I am seriously SO amazed at your talent. When are you hosting a cake decorating class??

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have your recipe for fondant. I've tried regular fondant and marshmallow fondant, but both taste terribly. What do you use? I've also been afraid of gum paste. I'd love to try it, though. I have a recipe and directions, but no excuses to make cakes! :)