Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Just checking in on this fine Tuesday morning.

Life here is good. Full of puppy training and after Christmas clean-up.  

I was able to get all the Christmas decorations packed up and put away yesterday. Now I just need to clean.  Which will take some time since I did virtually NO house-related work last week. No laundry or picking up. Right now, as I type, there are seven pairs of shoes sitting in the corner of the foyer. The stairwell has books and toys, and all sort of things piled in between the railing posts. 

You can tell that our week of Christmas was a success just by the mess!

But now, it's back to the realities of life... the laundry must get done. 

Before I go off to the  sweat shop   laundry room, I just had to tell you how shocked I was to walk into Target on December 27th to find the Valentine display already up and ready to go. But what REALLY had me shaking my head was when I rounded the corner to ladies clothing and walked right into a rack of bikinis!!!



Anonymous said...

I cracked up when I read the title of your post. Head over to my blog and you'll see why.

I want to see more pictures of that adorable little puppy! Potty training is the worst, but it shouldn't take long

Have a great Day!

Anonymous said...

I cracked up when I read the title of your post. Head over to my blog and you'll see why.

I want to see more pictures of that adorable puppy. Potty training is the worst, but it should't take too long.

Have a Great Day!

Michele said...

So glad you enjoyed your Christmas. I got all of my decorations down too. I love to put them up, but I sure love to take them down and get everything back in order. Hope your time in the laundry room passes quickly and painlessly.

I sure do wish retail stores would allow one holiday to get over good before they start amping up for the other ones . . . and bathing suits. . . Ugghhh!!!

Lindsay said...

ooo my bikinis already! I just got the winter coat out :-P

Anonymous said...

sweat shop - too funny
bikinis? I was shocked to see the Valentine candy in place of the Christmas which I thought would still be on clearance - but it's all gone


Happy New Year

Rae said...

Jo-Ann's had Valentine stuff BEFORE Christmas! Crazy!!!! You're not alone in the Christmas cleanup...I think we're all trying to get caught up...good luck!

Carrie and Jim said...

I feel your "clean up" pain. I have been working all morning deconstructing all of the decorations. I think I was in my PJ's until 1 p.m. today. Yikes!
Seasonal pushiness drives me crazy!! Good luck with your work.

Tiffani said...

definitely signs of a great Christmas and i'm right there with you...I've got to find a place to PUT things since we are currently 4 people and 1 dog in a 2 bedroom duplex!!!!!

We definitely should compare puppy notes! I have googled and youtubed until my eyes are blurry..but lots of good tips! I swear it's like raising a KID!! SOOO many "things" for them, techniques, etc....

hope you have a very productive rest of your week...I'm hoping to have one WHOLE day to do LOTS of homeschool planning!!