Thursday, November 06, 2008

Of Falling Leaves and Fire Pits

I wanted to share with you the amazing talents of The Mister. Now, among all the things that he can place behind his name, he can add master fire pit builder. Although he would tell you that isn't true, because he isn't actually finished with the pit. He has some decorative ideas that involve hauling in some rock to keep the mud down to a minimum, and some sort of rustic benches made out a huge dead tree that needs cutting down in the front yard.

Which brings me to another topic. Why do men think they can cut down a GI-NOR-MOUS tree all by themselves? Oh, but he says he is going to do it, and he's been looking for just the right chainsaw to do it with. (can you just hear that old Tool Time man-laugh? Ar! Ar! Ar!)

Anyway, that Mister of mine is a good man for making me such a fine pit. Even when he arranged that flagstone in a certain pattern that didn't appeal to my high need for symmetry and orderliness. So he let me tell him how I wanted them. It's a good thing he's got muscles. 

I also wanted to show you the pictures of the tree's in my yard. Yesterday I walked by the window and was suddenly was taken back by the fanastic-ness of the trees in my back yard. 

Y'all, the leaves are putting up a show that makes me almost want to weep and laugh all at the same time.
These pictures aren't even good. They look so much better in real life!

I had something else I wanted to tell you, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was.

Oh well! La Vida Dulce!


Anonymous said...

Oh my husband would love your fire pti. He has been wanting to build his own too.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Beautiful trees, Kelly. How does it feel to be surrounded by them? I'm guessing you didn't have that same scenery in AZ.

The fire pit is awesome too! WOW. I'd love to come sit by it with you!

Deidre said...

Gorgeous trees!

Oh, how I would love a fire pit. I have great memories as a child in my parents' backyard every Friday night roasting marshmallows and making smores :) yum!

Lindsay said...

What an awesome fire pit!! WTG Mister! The trees look amazing!!

Tiffani said...

How wonderfully warm and rustic and manly ;)!

He did a wonderful job and you were cracking me up with your need for order and symmetry...yes, we are definitely alike!

The trees, yes, they are glorious here in Georgia, too...the kids and I went outside with a big blanket and they played and I read, surrounded by such beauty--it was wonderful.

I told Connor "it just looks like God took a paint brush and just painted away" and he said "yeah, and He's better than Da Vinci..I can tell ya that!" I'm sure God smiled :)

Woman Interrupted said...

Oh it looks beautiful where you live.

I wish we had a use for a fire pit in Houston...but alas, it would turn into a weed pit.

I can just imagine romatic evenings sitting by an outside fire after the kids are in bed.

jen said...

That fire pit looks awesome!

Allison said...

I wish my hubby was handy like that! Love the trees, too. Don't see much of that here in TX, but miss seeing the trees change in NJ.

Lisa said...

A fire pit would be the perfect romantic evening for us. I love it! What a clever hubby you have.;-) Have him send his "plans" to my husband.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

That is awesome! We "built" ours too. Right off the directions on the box. ;)

Looks sooo cozy.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That is your backyard? Oh are blessed to be surrounded by such beauty.

Your Mister is super talented! We would pay good money for a fire pit like that! Perfect spot for some cozy conversation.

Rae said...

What an amazing fire pit and a gorgeous yard!!!

Kathy said...

Ahhh, that looks just like something my dh would like to create. He loves to work with stone. Beautiful!
Kathy @

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Wow! He did a fantastic job! I've always dreamed of having a fire pit like that. It makes me want to head outside and toast marshmallows. :)