Monday, October 20, 2008

Happiest of Birthdays: An Open Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

On this day I always think about you, and what it must have been like thirty-six years ago, when you were full with child and celebrating your 25th birthday.

I think about how you celebrated your day not knowing that in your tomorrow, life would be turned upside down by a girl-child who would choose to enter this world in a not so common way. 

I think about the story of you and Dad celebrating, as you both do so well, not knowing that that would be the first time you would celebrate two birthdays, instead of one. 

As a child I always felt it was so special to have to our birthdays one right after the other. 

I still do. 

Although I can't be there in the desert to share a piece of cake, or give you a present in person, I'm thinking about you. I hope your day is fantastic. I love you so!

Happiest of Happy Birthdays...