Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bloggy Advice

I swear I am going to write about (and giveaway) the sweet award Janel sent me last week, but I have to put it off for just one more day!

Here's the thing: Months before we moved back here I was reading Nester's blog and she wrote about a paint color called Tobacco Road. Turns out the color had been discontinued, but I emailed Nester, and sure enough she just happened to have the secret Tobacco Road code written on a paint can lid she had from 5 years ago. This girl is amazing!

Anyway, we got the paint mixed and I slapped a bit on the wall, and I hated it.


Until that little slap of paint started to grow on me, and after two weeks I realized that the Nester knows of what she speaks. 

So, today I recruited The Girl to help me paint the foyer.  Well the bottom half of the foyer. When we moved into this house the original paint was a pretty yellow (pictured above).  Below is the fruit of today's labor. 

Except I'm not sure I am done.

I had mentioned to The Mister that Tobacco Road had grown on me so much that I was thinking about painting the whole wall, leaving the trim white. 

He wasn't sold.  Change is hard on that sweet guy.
But the TR looks so good on the bottom I think it needs it on top too.  What do you think?
Here is my dilemma, if I paint the top portion of the foyer TR what about the portion up the stairwell?

See the wall behind the railing and the badly spelled seasonal decoration?  Technically is that part of the foyer?  Do I paint that TR too?

And that wall leads up to the hallway. Do I paint that too?

This is the shot looking down the stair way. See those big ominous white walls...what about those?
What do you think? 


Deidre said...

I say paint it all! That is such a pretty color and would look great painted. Go for it!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I vote for painting it all too! In newer houses with such open floor plans, it's hard to know where to stop with paint, but I think you should go all the way up your stairs with TR.


Your mixed up letters on that banner still make me smile.

Tiffany said...

I think the color looks great! You guys have done a good job!

Lindsay said...

love the paint color! As far as what to paint im not much help! My mom is really good w/ all of that stuff so we just her for her help.

Michele said...

Paint it all girl!!! Go for it. I love the color

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

My mind says paint it; my neck and shoulders say hire someone.


Lisa said...

I love the paint color!!! We've had the same issue in past houses with a very similar color. Just because of the work involved with ladders...we didn't paint the wall behind the front door which also led up a stairway. AND it looked fine. The contrast was actually nice.

That's just my story...and experience.

Good luck! It's an involved decision.

Tiffani said...

I was hoping Michele would weigh in and I think she must've been in a hurry--because I thought she'd leave a NOVEL on this topic...this is her THING!!!

I like it too and I would paint it...I think it warms it up a lot!! You girls were productive today!

jen said...

You can paint the walls on the steps w/o painting what is at the top - just food for thought. At the top, in what I am assuming is a hallway, the color might seem darker and make the hallway seem smaller. I'm not against painting it all - just wanted to throw it out there that I think you can stop wherever you want! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh YES!!!PAINT IT ALL:) Love the color, nice and warm. It's got welcome all over it:)

Anonymous said...

Oh YES!!!PAINT IT ALL:) Love the color, nice and warm. It's got welcome all over it:)

stephanie j. said...

I like painting blocks of different colors, so I wouldn't worry at all about the upstairs hallway. Besides, having a lighter color upstairs would draw your eye upward pleasingly. :)

I would go for painting the downstairs upper wall and the stairwell.

You are making crave a REAL autumn, not an Almost Mexico, AZ autumn.

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I'm horrible at envisioning things like that in my head, but I would paint the top portion of the foyerwith the TR. But, because the stairway wall is separate -- I think you could leave that the color it is. Maybe take it in small steps and see how it turns out. Can't wait to see the final results! :)

Carrie said...

If you thrive on color then go for it. I love the warm tones and lots of color in my home. If the winter gets you "feeling down" at all (since you have moved and you will now be in snow country.) I say paint. It will enhance the feel of your home, creating warmth.

Kathy said...

Yes! Paint it all! We had a similar Sherwin Williams color called dromedary camel in our previous house which we loved. It won't work in this house in the woods (too dark) but I'd love to be able use it again.
Kathy @

Anonymous said...

The Mister needs to be happy that he isn't the one doing the painting... meh makes me do all that!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Paint it all! Love that color. :-)

Tanya said...

I love the paint color, but I also have a husband who isn't thrilled with change. Considering that, I would probably leave the top half the way it is ... or paint a lighter version of your tobacco color all the way up; give it a two-tone look that will tie in the color more, but not overwhelm the "slow to change" folks. :)

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Omigosh, that is sooo hard! I say paint it all. It will warm it up so much. Or have TR blended just a shade lighter like 20% and paint the rest that color.

The color is great! I also think that if you didn't paint up the stairs you would be fine.

Oh girl - good luck!!!

Chel said...

I love color on walls... I'd paint every possible wall. :)