Monday, January 08, 2007

Random Poll - January

I'm procrastinating.

I have done some major overhauling on our house in the last 10 days and I think I may have hit my peak. The motivation by excitement and pressure is slowly starting to fade and now it comes down to pure "gotta do it" attitude and the pleasure of crossing things of my ever growing list.

Moving. It's a lot of work.

You know what is really funny? We have a formal living room that we call the Yellow room because we don't formal-ly live in there. It is home to my treadmill and piano and currently is the room that is used for weight lifting, martial arts practice, and light saber fighting.

True confession: When we moved here 22 months ago I was uncertain where I should hang all of our portraits. There are about seven or eight large portraits of the kids at various ages. Since we weren't going to be in that room much I wasn't sure where to hang them after I unpacked them from the move so I stacked them neatly on the piano in hopes to get to them soon. I never got back over to that stack to organize and hang them up.

This weekend, I picked them up, dusted them off, wrapped them back up in movers paper and put them back into a moving box.

Our house should be on the market by the end of the week and when that is done I will feel better...mostly because by then I should be done organizing and deep cleaning.

But on to other things...

Did you make a New Years Resolution?

I resolved to eat more chocolate and to have the pictures I just re-packed hanging on a wall in my house-in-the-desert sometime before December 31, 2007.

We'll see what happens.

My New Years resolution track record is not really very good.


Anonymous said...

True confession...we've lived here 11 YEARS and still don't have all the doorknobs back up after our initail painting!!! Now that's bad. K..

meh said...

You always have struck me as very wise let alone quite bright and I am now convinced! You have totally set yourself up for success with your resolutions-- at least the eat more chocolate part. They say resolutions are easier to keep when doing it together with a friend, so I call dibs on the chocolate accountability part of the resolution.

Filbert said...

Kellie dont feel bad. Jen and I have been in our house five years this month and I just hung up pictures in the hall for the first time. I had the frames for about two years too....Filbert