Thursday, November 02, 2006

Serious Issues

It seems that my chocolate consumption record can, and has, been broken.

I tried really hard to make this a chocolate free day. Especially since I have eaten chocolate at regular intervals since the day before Halloween...I was trying to get ahead of the game.

But I actually did well today. I ate a bowl of oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. And then I had some yogurt for lunch...Then I ate 9 miniature Snickers bars...But they are really, really, little. And you know, they have peanuts in them so that makes them a "health" food.

This is a definite improvement from Tuesday when I was at school teaching and was so hyped up on sugar I actually ran into a wall. But I do have to say it is not my fault that I started eating chocolate at school by 9am. it was the day of the Halloween parties for the little ones and the chocolate was flowing profusely...But I had a bit of a traumatic morning and so my boss was giving me chocolate as a consolation.

I stepped into the long supply closet that houses all the art supplies and stuff required to run a large pre-school. I walked in the door to put something away and when I turned around there on the floor, between me and the only way out, was the biggest wolf spider I have ever had the misfortune of being trapped in a supply cabinet with. I hollered for someone to help...Because seriously, I don't kill spiders that are bigger than I am...Or, really, at all. There were about 5- 6 teachers and office staff around the corner in the office and outside the hall. Now I am seriously freaked out at this point and trying to decide if I should jump over this creature or if I should stay where I was to be rescued. It was a very hard decision, because if someone came to kill it it might run towards me.

That would be very bad.

But on the other hand I am trying to remember if I had heard that wolf spiders like to jump, and if I jump over it and it jumps up at the same time the staff and students would most likely find their music teacher having a melt down. Which is never attractive.

Jumping over wins out because if the spider runs toward me in a chase then my only option is to jump over it anyway, so I pick the path of least trauma. For me, not the spider.

As I am halfway over the spider a teacher starts to walk into the supply closet and I practically knock her over. She is a soft spoken women who is gentle and kind in nature, but let me tell you that woman has COURAGE. And lots of it. She took swift and bold action and killed the spider on the spot.

I didn't feel too bad about my chickenie ways because when anyone in the surrounding area heard there was a mammoth spider in the supply room you could hear gasps and quick running within a ten mile radius. I take great pride in knowing that I work with some of the toughest women around, afterall they spend 4 hours everyday with 2-5 year olds. But in the face of ugly spiders we all have limits.

It was because of this unfortunate situation that I was given chocolate by my boss as a way of helping me cope. And it TOTALLY worked. I hadn't thought about it since this very moment.

Writing this makes me feel so much better! You know in psychology they always say that it is better to get to the root of your problems. One shouldn't treat the symptoms, but find out what is causing them. Then you deal with the source of the issue.

So my three day binge on chocolate is not really the problem.

It's the spiders fault.

OK, my sugar buzz is wearing off....I gotta go.


Lara said...

Oh boy did I need a laugh today and once again you came through!!!