Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Back in the "Texas" day, around this time of year, I needed to come up with some gifts for my nieces without breaking the bank. The Girl, my then 3 year old had received a beautiful ballet skirt and I decided I could make one. So I did what I always do when I want to make something...I ripped it apart to see how it was made and then I put it back together again.

So began my very short tenure in them making of ballet skirts. At the time I was teaching a preschool ballet class and all the Mom's (who also are my dearest friends) kindly paid me to make them for their daughters and, as word of mouth among 'the Mommie's' goes, I ended up getting many orders and I made some unexpected cash for the holidays. Then I quietly retired from a life sewing tulle.

Until I was encouraged to make some skirts to sell at a booth at the school carnival last weekend.

To make a long story short I locked myself in my sewing/guest room last weekend for about 8 hours and cranked out 9 ballet skirts. A friend of mine who makes some great monogrammed handbags said she would go in on a booth together and we were very excited about it.

But my creative dreams were dashed as I didn't sell one blasted skirt.

I'm not too worried about it. But I have to admit that when you make something it is hard not to take it personally when others don't think they are the greatest thing they have ever laid eyes on. This is probably why I don't need to be selling the things I make....Or I just need my sweet friends who 'ooh-ed and awed' three years ago to come see me.

Wait! One of them is coming to see me! In 3 short days!

Can I just say: HURRY UP SATURDAY! Or wait....not too fast.

Her room is covered in tulle!


meh said...

In my humble opinion, they are darling. ANd we still have ours. Put them on Ebay and see what happens! See you soon!

Lisa said...

Hey, I will buy one for BetBet when she is older. How much are you selling them for? I love the one in the picture above here, do you still have that one?

Lara said...
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