Friday, April 28, 2006

The Lone Star State

I am sitting in the kitchen of my dear friend Jen (you can see her in the archives of October) . We have done several things that we enjoy doing together: We've shopped and talked and went to the gym together. We have had a great visit together and now we are getting ready to make our trek east to Dallas for a night with the old Mom's group.

Yesterday I spent time with Lara. You would remember her from the last post. We had fun talking and laughing and doing alot of what we love to do together most: hanging out! It was perfect.

Yesterday in the late evening I had the opportunity to spend time with my friend and mentor Jane, drinking coffee and learning what we could pray for one another in the weeks to come.

When we arrived here in the Lone Star State I had the most glorious evening at the Law "Ant" Ranch. A lovely, warm, and best of all, fun home full of teenagers and the awesome couple trying to raise them. In the next week I will post pics of the spectacular sunset and sunrise at the Law "Ant" Ranch and my first time solo ride on their quad racer thingy.

Now I get to spend the next 24 hours with some women whom I have had the pleasure to share the experience of young motherhood with...only tonight we will get together with only photos of our precious tots (most of whom aren't really tots but bigger than we would like to admit).

So that is the update. I wish I could post some pics but time is short and a Texas storm is brewing I better get off the computer!

La Vida Dulce!


Lara said...

I know you just got home and I know your computer crashed and I know you have to work out but geeeezzzzz!!! I keep checkin and the blog a thon hasn't started!

Lara said...

Would you please tell Mr. Law that some of his ants have gotten out of his ranch and are in my house. I can't exactly read the brand (its too tiny) but he's welcome to them anyway. I'd hate to be accused of poaching! I'm sure if we put out some peanut butter sandwich traps we can round them up for him minus a straggle or two that we might have send over later.

Lara said...

Can you tell I'm bored...or is it just too much medicine and doing laundry, making supper for three families and watching kids just isn't enough to keep a medicated me occupied! :)