Friday, April 07, 2006

Inter Blog Memo

Agenda: Gingko, Slugworth, and Phyto Chemicals

Item of Business 1:
You know it has been along time since the last blog when you can't remember your own computer password! I would take gingko to help my memory but I can't remember to take it.

Item of Business 2:
Do you remember Slugworth from the old Willie Wonka movie. He was that bald "bad" guy who would go around to the golden tickets winners and whisper in their ears. Well I am beginning to think that there is a Slugworth type of person lurking around the halls of elementary schools across the nation. And he is whispering old jokes to our kids.

My kids come home everyday and tell me stories, jokes and silliness that I learned almost 25 years ago...really you'd think some new material would go around. For instance, The Boy got in the car a couple of months ago chanting "I got you where I want ya, Now I'm gonna eat ya!" If you remember there was a "scary" story about kids being in a house alone at night. Upon arrival at this house they here a distant voice chanting the words above. In the end it turns out that a monkey has picked his nose and is chanting at his "find". This to me is truly a scary story...Because I don't like mucus of any kind. And I don't want to see, hear, or think about anybody (even a monkey) eating it.

Two weeks ago The Boy got in the car with a sheepish look in his eye and said, "Mom, how do you spell 'I Cup'?"

I, not paying a whole lot of attention because I was just trying to get out of the carpool line alive, spell, "I-c-u-p"

He says, "Get it! Get it!...I-c-u-p !"

Yes, yes, I get it.

Yesterday he gets in the car and looks kind of serious. He says "Mom will you remember me in 20 years?"

This tugs at my heart strings and I say " Oh Sweety Yes! I will remember you in 20 years! I could NEVER forget you!"

Then there was quiet.

"Will you remember me in 1 year?"

"Absolutely"...although I was wondering what was going on in that little brain of his since he is acting quieter than usual.

About 30 seconds later he says "Knock Knock."

I say, "Who's there?"

"I thought you said you would always remember me!"

And he laughs so hard I think he might actually pee in his pants.

He was incredibly happy that he had played a joke on me and I told him that was the oldest joke on the planet...that they even had those jokes when cavemen existed.

He said that if I had heard them before then why did I fall for come I couldn't remember them....refer to Item of Business 1.

Item of Business 3:

As you know I have been teaching music to 2-5 years olds at a local pre-school. I have been doing lots of research on different things especially to find music ideas on the unit themes the school plans for each month. One of the themes for this month is the Five Food Groups.

So in my research I found that at in the teacher section you can download some pretty entertaining songs about fruits and veggies. My favorite one is entitled Phytochemicals. Although Fiber and Salad Sisters come in a close second.

Happy Friday!