Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Random Poll

Every once in awhile in TX I would come to coffee with a "Random Poll" Question. For instance I was curious once if my friends washed their feet every time they showered or only once or twice a month. This led to some silly conversation, but also helped me to know who I was going to borrow shoes from...Although it turned out that nobody else in my circle of friends have enormous feet like me.

I miss the "Random Poll" and decided I could incorporate it into La Vida Dulce.

Today's Random Poll was brought on by my son this morning when he asked for breakfast. He wanted a bagel cut in half and toasted....but he only wanted the top. This was OK...Because The Girl only wanted the bottom half.

If you have to split a bagel with a friend which half do you take, the top or the bottom? Maybe you prefer an English muffin? Do they have differentiated sides or all sides created equal?


Anonymous said...

I split is vertically not horizontally so that we each get a top and a bottom!

cdub said...

i eat the whole bagel.

Anonymous said...

bottom half--it is thinner and so it gets crispier (but that is only if I have to split it)

Anonymous said...

martyr mom -- whatever anyone else leaves behind KHS

Lisa said...

sorry, all I can think is...dang...now that I am a mom I am going to have to cook breakfast.
I have to wrap my brain around that before I can think of which side of a muffin to consider :)