Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Not only is it the Mr.'s Birthday, but this is the day that I love! All the preparation before the BIG DAY! I spend a good portion of the day baking and preparing for tomorrow. I am already listening to Christmas CD's and my house smells of Garlic and yeast rolls.

But the BEST part of this day is that today is the day that I get to get my Turkey drunk.

Yes, I intoxicate my turkey...And this makes me giggle every year. I make a joke of how soaking in a beer brine will help the turkey to feel less pain as he slowly cooks tomorrow. My long enduring husband, who has heard this same joke for 10 years, will smile like he has never heard it before and play along saying, "Yes, Honey, I am sure he will like that MGD as his last 'Hurrah'....only probably not as much as I would have enjoyed it." (Happy Birthday Honey!)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!