Tuesday, November 08, 2005


This weekend we took the kids camping. The four of us and some new friends from church went camping in Central NC. Someone told me that North Carolina is God's country and after this weekend I am inclined to shout: I Believe! I Believe!

On Friday we loaded up and met our friends, a family of 8, and headed for Hanging Rock, NC.

After a fairly long, but beautiful, drive we arrived and my breath literally was taken away...and without trying to be dramatic (as some have accused me of being) I felt weepy. I could hardly believe that there could be so much color on the tree's! The photographs can't really give you the full picture of the awesome view.

The weather was amazing. We are experiencing a very late Indian Summer and the weather was perfect - warm in the day and chilly at night.

I really do love camping but must admit I was a little concerned about spend two nights in a tent, sleeping in the cold, eating food over a campfire with 8 children and three other adults, all while wearing no make-up and wearing camping clothes. But it was one the most fun and relaxing weekends we have had in a long time.

There something to be said about sitting around a campfire in the afternoon and doing NOTHING...thinking things like: Do I want to go for a hike and burn off the smores, cookies, hot dogs and chips from last night? Or do I want to sit here and talk with my friend about everything and nothing in particular for 2 hours (while eating something) because I never sit around and do NOTHING? Or should i say, I never sit around and do NOTHING legally. Meaning that I can choose to do nothing around here, but it always hangs over my head so I can't enjoy doing nothing....kind of like the days so long ago when I should've been doing my homework...but I digress...We had a lovely time and got to experience the fall leaves and it made my little family happy.

La vida dulce!

Disclaimer: Dad, I know you may have a thought or two about the attire of my youngest child...Although I am still loyal to my UofA heritage, when in Rome..... ;)