Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Summertime in the "Olden Days"

I was feeling a little bit bummed cuz our dog has a bad infestation of ticks (although she is on a monthly preventative) and it is just gross. At 8 a.m I ran out to Petsmart to buy every tick shampoo, collar and spray on the market . I was grumbling (just a little) in anticipation of the morning ahead....the bathing and cleaning and sweeping and vacuuming etc, etc.

After getting back home with several pesky-pet-products I started to give Kona a bath.
While sudsing her up The Boy came over and helped me a bit with the "rinse cycle"...I needed another set of hands to hold down this beast...she's not fond of baths. The Boy, gravitated toward the hose as we finished and before I knew it he and The Girl were playing in the hose, completely dressed, and having a blast.

The Boy often comes to us and asks us about "the Olden Days", and watching these two squeal and play in the water made me remember some fond summer memories.....for instance, my brothers and I grew up in a house that had a covered patio in the back. My brothers and I would spray it with the hose and it became super slippery. And although we had a pool, my brothers and I would spend hours slipping and sliding until our arms, knees and legs were all scraped up and bruised.

Also, in the "Olden Days", there were fun things like Bullet popsicles...not the new ones that are red, white and blue, but the real and original Bullet...the orange-on-the-outside-red-on-the-inside kind. And "back in the day" you couldn't find them in a store...your Dad had to drive you to the Circle K... and you had to dig deep in the pint-sized ice cream coolers for one. I haven't found them here, but when I went home to AZ in June I found a box at a grocery store and consumed them happily.

Thinking of all these happy summertime memories of the "Olden Years" (you'd think I was 80) made me less irritated with Kona for galavanting into the woods and catching ticks.

How about you? What are your fun summer memories from "The Olden Days"?


Anonymous said...

I believe you found the bullets in Dads refrigerator!!!