Thursday, May 09, 2013

Crochet Crazy...Again

Since Christmas my crafting mojo has been off. There was nothing I could do to conjure inspiration. Then last weekend, as if someone turned the creative switch in my brain, I'm once again buzzing with happy artsy endorphins. It seems to always happen that way, one minute your flipping through the new Crochet Today magazine, uninspired and cool, when suddenly something sparks that burning coal and you're a smoking whirlwind of hooks and yarn. Aahhhh... back home, happily running yarn between my fingers.

Within 48 hours I had hooked up the body of the Wildflower Bag.  I didn't want to take the time to get bamboo handles (I was in The Zone), so I just crocheted a couple of straps.... and then, as I imagined my pencils and gum wrappers falling out of the crocheted body, I decided it needed a liner.

Once I played with the fabric and figured out how to make the lining without seams, I discovered I could use my sewing machine to sew the fabric directly to the yarn. No hand sewing, hooray!

I thought I liked it just the way it was, but remembered flowers make everything better.... so I added a few. Afterall, it is the Wildflower bag.

This project is finished, but I am not!  I've already started this project and can't wait to show you how it is hooking up!


Bev said...

Very cute bag!

BTW-I didn't know you could read Russian??