Wednesday, February 13, 2013

God Knows

Walking through fields planted and sowed.
Beauty from ashes.
Years of laboring, as if on our own.

We stood, shaky legged, as ones given over,
Not chosen. Set apart.
Yet, abundantly, we've lived in this space.
Waiting and praying for right to reign.
In the end, we felt it never came.

Chapters close as quick as they open.
A weekend, a phone call, and it was done.
Pages filled from then til now,
have oft been hard, and lonely.
Though the passing of years has softened the blow,
Sorrow sporadically comes.

Looking through lenses that filter the view
There is one sure thing I remember:
We limped along as best we knew how
gathering strength just being together.
Each always worried for someone besides.
Traveling partners, without many words.
Our silence no secret:
We won't give each other up.

In the deeps of my heart Right already reigns.
This hard course was meant for us to walk,
Though we'd have picked an easier way.
We stand at the end, weary and worn,
But stronger in truth and in love.

In our pain we were blinded to see:
Right, long ago, won this battle.

God Knows.... was always there.

Long ago, in pain and in sorrow,
the Truth set us free.
And we stand, not as ones given over,
But one grafted in. Chosen. Mercifully set apart.
Not because we stand on our own,
For the Man of Sorrows holds us up.
"By His wounds we are healed."

(Isaiah 53)