Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rainbow's End

Every once in awhile I make something that I am super proud of... this, is one of those projects.

I had my eye on this pattern by Drops Design for a long time. I read it over and over, until the time came to pick up a hook and a skein of Pistachio Green. The pattern is very easy to read (although it does use British English crochet terms, which isn't hard but took a moment to translate) and the Drops Paris yarn sews up like a dream.

With every row I became more enamored. I learned to crochet about two years ago and I am still completely amazed that a simple twist of the wrist and turn of a hook can make simple string into something beautiful.

Yesterday I had lunch with the Carpoolqueen who has the best family room for picture taking. Its a warm and happy place, with sunlight that fills the room. I knew I just had to bring this new project to her house for a little photo shoot. I paid her in cookies.

So she made the coffee while I made moved cushions and generally made myself at home.

Oh! That picture makes me happy! It was so nice that CPQ's new throw pillows perfectly matched my new blanket...if those pillows show up missing one day....

I even gave the blanket a little test run by sipping my coffee in the coziest chair in the house, and day-dreamed about those cold winter mornings that are certain to come... but I'll be wrapped in a rainbow and perfectly happy.


CPQ said...

Oh, that makes me happy. It also makes me realiza that side table needs a fern.

Thanks for coming over and for cookies and for propping feet and hanging out.

Lara said...

Hmmm is "cookie" going to be replaced?

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

I LOVE that blanket! It brightens up your room :)

Candace said...

So pretty! I love it, Kellie!!!