Saturday, July 14, 2012

Color Me Summer

This poor tired blog... so neglected. But its been too difficult to sit down and write when the summer is in full swing. I don't want to miss one moment of fun.

I was in the neighbors yard again... this time taking pictures of her beautiful flowers. I call them Helen's Hibiscus, and they are lovely. You can't tell from the picture above but those blooms are about 10 inches across from petal to petal. She sits in her hot pink glory on the edge of Helen's property and is the Bell of the Ball this year... just gorgeous.

Thursdays has become a favorite day in my house. It's when my box(es) from The Produce Box come with all those delicious fresh veggies. Every week I line up my boxed bounty on the counter top and take a picture...Organizing them properly as if I'd grown the prize winning tomatoes myself.

The Boy started Driver Education at our local high school this week. No one warned me that I would feel much like i did when I dropped him off at kindergarten 10 years ago: I felt excited and scared, with a side of its all going so fast and oh my goodness I'm old.

So I indulged in a little yarn therapy.

I've had my eyes on this pattern for a couple months but had told myself to finish a few other projects before ordering more yarn. Discipline... its so hard where crafting is concerned. But I stuck to my guns, and when the yarn finally came last week, I walked directly from the mail box to that spot on the floor... and stayed there for several days hours.

Forty-eight hours and 3786 double-crochets later my wrists desperately needed a break so I decided to organize my embroidery floss. I'm getting ready to make my annual Christmas Ornaments and I needed order in my floss box.

I'm glad for the distraction because The Girl was picked up on Friday night for her first official-without-an-adult-present babysitting job. She is absolutely ready for this and is a great babysitter. Her next few weekends are already booked. I'm very proud of her.

Since I had a free night all to myself I pulled out the wool felt and began to cut and sew while watching Lonesome Dove for the first time.

Why Lonesome Dove? Because I've been on a Montana kick lately. In August we are going to Montana (one of my favorite places) so I have been reading books, watching videos, and surfing the net in anticipation!

If you throw in some housekeeping, swimming at the pool with friends, lesson planning for next year, and driving the kids to all their fun summer activities you've got broad strokes of my color-filled summer. Hope yours is as bright!


Jenster said...

Your gift with textiles never ceases to amaze me! What a talent. :)

And teenage kids makes one proud and weepy and scared and happy all at the same time, doesn't it??

Lonesome Dove is one of my favorite epics. Hope you enjoyed (or are enjoying) it.

Looks like you're having a fabulous summer!! :)

Gretchen said...

I'm glad you plunked down & got right to work. I'm with Jen--you're amazing in textile talent. We love MT, too. Just saw my BFF married there in May.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

We've seen Lonesome Dove more times than I can count--it's one of John's favorites! We came across it on Netflix last week and watched the first segment. Don't you think Gus and Woodrow are hysterical? I love their banter.

Glad you're having a great summer so far. Miss you!