Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Taking a Stand

Hey y'all I' am posting again today because my friend Constance over at FindingBalance brought to my attention to this Huffington Post article: Ralph Lauren Boycott: Retaking Beauty.

You know that I have been very verbal about the issues of eating disorders and body issues that I have struggled with in my personal life. However, as I raise children in this post-modern society, these issues become more and more important to me.

I will be signing up for the boycott of all things Ralph Lauren...not because I think he will stop, but because its a step in "Changing the culture and ending a crises."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.. going to go read more about it!

Rae said...

Thank you my friend for sharing this! I just put "America the Beautiful" in my Netflix Queue and have joined the boycott RL on FB. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my book, "Life Inside the Thin Cage"?

Kendra said...

I'm taking a passive stand against him, since I've never bought his stuff and couldn't afford to do so even if I wanted to. It's ridiculous how thin and wasted his models look.

June Gardens said...

Good for you, Coffee Gal!!

Blue Skies said...

Those pictures are very obviously photoshopped - her head is completely out of proportion with her body. Ick.
Thank you for alerting us to the opportunity to take a stand I don't think I've bought Ralph Lauren since my college "Romance" perfume days. All the more reason to not bring fashion magazines home!