Monday, December 14, 2009

Meeting Kristin

If I could give one of my top reasons I love blogging so much, it would have to be the In Real Life Meetings.

When I started blogging over four years ago I never imagined how many wonderful women I would get the privilege to meet: face-to-face.

I had the pleasure of taking tea with Kristin of Fill My Cup .

Among other things Kristin is a tea drinker. I had heard through the grapevine that she actually serves an amazing tea party, but for our first meeting we met at a local hotel for afternoon tea.

I was fashionably late because I had taken a wrong turn, so she was sitting in the lobby with her golden curls when I walked in from the grey, cold afternoon. She came bearing a gift--her own label of coffee...seriously, roasted in her own back yard. Its good too.

We slipped into easy conversation, and I tried to not giggle as I felt like a kid who had snuck (sneaked? snook?) into an elegant experience. I just knew that the wait-staff might eventually find out that I couldn't possibly be refined enough to take tea like a lady.

So I just followed what Kristin did, because she knew what to do.

She was so sweet as she confessed her concern that I might be served something with mayo.

There was only one thing on the menu that was suspicious: deviled eggs.  Which she politely declined to eat.

So I did too. (whew!)

Everything else was delicious. And I tasted it all so I know. The only thing I tasted but didn't eat was the tapioca in the asian soup spoon.

Everything else was delicious including the scones, which didn't last long enough to be pictured.

Kristin had her handy-dandy iPhone, in its adorable zebra wrap, so we were lucky to get pictures at all...after chanting "Don't forget the camera" all morning long, I promptly left home without it.

Kristin, thank you for being brave enough to meet with a stranger for tea on a rainy afternoon. It lifted this CoffeeGal's spirits, and I cannot wait to do it again!


Tracey said...

How fun! I wouldn't have the slightest idea on what to do at an afternoon tea. Maybe Kristin could hold a class at a tea room...I'd do anything to eat some of those delicious goodies! I hope you are having a delightful Christmas season!

Carpool Queen said...

WHERE WAS I???? I would have taken care of the offending devilled eggs for you (Delish!)

Miss you muchly.

Anonymous said...

What a fun outing! It would be so much fun to meet for a tea.. I have never sat down and had a tea :-P I also totally would have eaten the deviled eggs :-)

Jewel said...

Those pictures have my mouth watering....yummy! And what fun. I've had church groups have tea parties, but I didn't realize how much is in it. I am intrigued:)

Sandy said...

What fun! Awesome that a local hotel offers this! Who knew...?! CPQ was probably galavanting around the country... Glad you & K. had this special time together.

Elizabeth said...

You two are so cute! Tea parties are super fun no matter how grown-up you are.

I'm with you on the deviled eggs! My g'ma made them so I always ate a couple, but never again!

Kristin said...

Thanks again! It was so fun, and I can't wait to do it again! We should plan a bloggy tea - minus the tapioca spoons :)

Amber said...

I love In Real Life Meetings.

They do my soul well.

And, really? Tapioca? In a spoon? I wouldn't have eaten it either.

Gretchen said...

I'll fight CPQ for your devilled eggs.

What I meant to say was, if you ever have a need for mayonnaise consumption protective services, please give me a call. I've got your back.

His Girl said...

mirl's are the best, aren't they? looks like a lovely time and a fab spread.

ps: not what gretchen and cpq said. I think deviled eggs are nastified.