Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lots of stuff I want you to know

Happy Thursday friends!

It will be a busy day today. We have a field trip tomorrow, so we are going to accomplish two school days into one. Which is totally do-able...we just may have to do school until (gasp!) 3 o'clock! Like every one else in the world.

I just want to share a few things with you this morning! First, and most importantly, will you pray for my friend Charity today. I am certain that our prayers are going to be what carries her as she goes back to her first graders today. I am praying for God's peace and comfort to be with her, not only strength in spirit, but strength in body. If you do pray for her today, click the link above and tell her you have done so...I know that will be such a blessing to her. AS a matter of fact, you can skip commenting here and go over there instead!

Second, I really enjoyed this post by Mer's hubby. The Mister and I read the post and both shouted AMEN!

I am saying "no" this Lenten season to computers on Fridays, and will be going "dark" for Holy Week. Anyone want to join me?

Last (ly?), and very certainly least....I have a door on my office/nest/craft room! Or what I like to call The Nest.

Here is a before picture:
And here is the glorious after:
And now for some reality...

As you know I am the clean counter queen. I like things streamlined, efficient and most importantly, clutter free

Of course if you looked inside my min-van, or The Nest , you would wonder why I sound so brag-idocious. Clearly, I have very selective needs for control, that are not hard fast rules in every area of my life. This is what it looks like just left of the door...
And this is what it looks like when you stand at the door looking in...

I never said I didn't have issues.

When we moved here six months ago, The Nest in many ways has become the room that everything gets put into until we know what to do with it. It is also the room that I can be creative in, and (now) can shut the door when in the middle of a project, or when I need a moment to be blessedly alone.

I use this room to study in, to read my bible in, and The Girl and I spend most Friday nights in this room snuggled up on that one chair watching movies (I am actually looking for a couch or love seat to replace it...we are outgrowing the ability to sit in that one!)

Anyway, this room is next on my Attention List. I want to reorganize it to get it streamlined, efficient and clutter free. This summer I am going to paint it, girlify it, and make it completely my own. 

After pictures to come!

Oh! I forgot that there is one more thing!

Yesterday I didn't post, and there was a very good reason. I had to skip the internet party in favor of a party in honor of my K sisters (and birthday girls!), K1 and K2. 

Aren't they cute? See how happy they are? They are about to cruise together to the Cayman wonder they look happy!

Happy birthday friends! And happy sailing!


Lindsay said...

oo the door looks so perfect! Glad you got it all setup!

Tiffani said...

I love knowing this stuff!!

I love that you showed us your "messy" side after seeing all the fabulous tables you put together for showers/lunches/etc. I was beginning to wonder if we could remain friends...GOOD NEWS--WE CAN!! ;)

I'm afraid I lean more to messy these days b/c this house is so tiny if ONE thing is one the floor it looks messy...but bigger homes to come, no rush.

Enjoy your day!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I am so much like you, Kellie! My countertops are spotless, but my van stays a mess...and I have selective control needs!

I'll join you on Fridays and during Holy Week. GREAT idea.

Have fun today, and tomorrow on your field trip.

Carrie and Jim said...

Everyone has a room like that in their house. I need a door for mine!

Carpool Queen said...

Your nest looks like my entire house. I need to UNPLUG and get busy tidying.

Unknown said...

I love the messy "keeping it real" pics :)

stephanie j. said...

Sign me up Sisstah (on goin' dark). You know I'm already halfway there!