Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Random Poll- December....or

Do you like Gritty Fudge?

OK, I tried really hard not to bring this up this year, but The Hubby and I had the same discussion we always have around this time of year and so it can't be avoided.

If you have known me for more than one Christmas you have heard this before...but hold on a minute, I need your help.

The topic for this Poll is:

Christmas Fudge.
The Hubby and I agree on so many things but this is one that we just don't see eye to eye.
When I told him that I was going to make it it a random poll on the blog he said that I rig the random polls so the outcome will turn out in my favor. Which is totally not true. For example, the M&M Poll. But anyway...

Last night I had made a double batch of fudge. I love making candy at Christmas time and giving it away to people. For the record, I like eating it too. Especially fudge. This year I was especially hopeful when making my Christmas fudge because I had gone out and bought a candy thermometer. In all the years of baking I have never used one, but two years ago when we bought this house it came with an electric stove which made making candy a bit tricky. When you cook fudge too long it isn't happy. After cooking with gas for over 8 years I had years of successful fudge making. What makes fudge a "success"? Glad you asked.

Successful fudge is fudge that is firm, and yet creamy. It melts in your mouth and you shouldn't think about anything else while you are eating it. Nothing makes me more crazy than when I overcook my fudge and it comes out gritty. It happened last year and this year I thought I would solve the problem by having a thermometer and cooking it precisely to the right temperature.

This year the fudge was better but still a little gritty. I hate it when you bite into fudge and you can feel the grit on your teeth. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me.

I have always teased The Hubby 'cause he prefers gritty fudge. Or what I like to call "sub-standard" fudge. Not to influence you or anything. He actually thinks that that is how fudge should best be enjoyed and I, quite frankly, completely disagree.

With that said here is the poll: Are you a smooth and creamy fudge eater? Or a gritty fudge eater? Wait. Perhaps I should say overcooked fudge, so as not to influence you or make you feel bad.

Don't be shy...I won't hold it against you.


Anonymous said...

It must be smooth or not at all.
Sorry DA
Still love ya but the kid got it right!

Blue Skies said...

All chocolate should be smooth and not gritty. Hence the reason that Hershey's is bottom of the barrel in my book. Except for M&M's which have that crunchy candy coated shell that overtakes the grittyness of the chocolate inside.
When are you ever going to call me back, girl?!!! I want to hear how you managed a move HOME. You know you've just escalated my own prayers to get HOME!

Anonymous said...

You're right, fudge has to be smooth- if you are making marshmallow fudge keep the sugar and butter at a rolling boil for a FULL 5min. Make sure you can't stir it down for the full time, then it won't be gritty. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Smooth! Creamy!! I wish I could say that this is a no-brainer question but I won't cause I don't want to offend your man.

Lara said...

I will have to say CREAMY! But I take offense at the Hershey slam! Hershey is the ONLY way to go and I've had swiss, german and french chocolate and Hershey tops my list...except for a french truffle we got in Las Vegas that was made with Wasabi! Wow was I shocked at HOW AWESOME IT WAS