Friday, February 24, 2006


Well, the first step is to admit you have a problem...So let me explain...

Two weeks ago today my friend came to see me and she came bearing gifts. She came with cute little toys for the kids and she brought me something that I wanted to ask her for before she came but knew that there was never any need to ask...She would bring them: Flour tortillas from Central Market/HEB.

There is actually a funny story about how she got to the store at closing and had to beg a clerk to smuggle her some (any!) tortillas for her poor friend on the east coast who was going through CM Tortilla withdrawal. If you live in her town and see her ask her about the "Tortilla Caper" ...Its actually quite funny and proves that I have great enablers in my life!

Anyway, she came over with 6 dozen tortillas (wrapped individually by the dozen) and her famous homemade "Salsa Caliente". As a side note I think she named it this just for me because she knows about my salsa pet peeve... (there is a BIG difference between salsa and hot sauce- and it irritates me when I make salsa and people say "nice hot sauce...", but I digress)....back to my sweet friend...for a self proclaimed white girl from Indiana, she makes some mean "salsa caliente".

So we get home from the airport and I opened one of the tortilla bags and start handing them out to my kids for snacks. I put the other 5 packages in the freezer. I had half-jokingly said that I was going to ration them and make them last until I could get back to Texas myself....

What a lie that was.

And here is my trouble...

There are only 6 tortillas left in the package that is currently open and only 1 dozen left in the freezer... I could have a panic attack over this situation...but luckily there's medication for that.

OK...That might be an exaggeration, BUT everyday this week I have had a bean burrito for lunch except yesterday when I ran out of beans and rolled up a cheese stick and nuked it instead. This afternoon I suddenly had a cheese aversion... So I scrambled an egg (with some of Bec's Salsa Caliente--which has done wonders for the residual congestion left over by the flu!).

My kids have resorted to eating tortillas for breakfast and I have let them eat them...Because after all we have DOZENS in the freezer!!!! What was I thinking?

When it comes to tortillas I am a failure at rationing.

So it's likely I won't need a Tortilla Intervention...Because from the looks of the tortilla hungry people in this house I will be going cold turkey in about 48 hours.

Maybe I'll hide the last bag of tortillas....What they don't know won't hurt them.


Anonymous said...

The apple falls not far from the tree---have you ever wrapped a hot dog in one? Heavenly! all steamy and nice.

Anonymous said...

Have you had botox? Look at those LIPS!!!

Anonymous said...

Nope no botox...but I have heard that the camera adds 10 pounds to the lips.


Anonymous said...

you should have seen her face when I went to hand Grace a tortilla and dropped one on the floor it was a look of I can't belive you dropped that crossed with a look of should I pick that up and declare the 10 second rule

Lara said...

Maybe it wasn't botox. Maybe we've found a new added benefit to Bec's Salsa Caliente. Becky you are in business!