Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I Can Bring Home the Bacon

Well...Just a small slice of bacon....

It is amazing how this world revolves so much on the "Who you know" principle. Such is the case in my life.

This time last week I was doing pretty much the same thing. The Wednesday schedule includes my laundry, cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping and mopping (although I usually push this last chore off until I can no longer take the look (or feel) of my kitchen floor.

Today I am sitting at home in blessed silence after spending three hours teaching music to 4 year olds. And if you think pre-school isn't a high risk job, then you have never spent thirty minutes with 10 pre-schoolers with wooden rhythm sticks in their hands.

How did I get this job? Well it all started out with the kindergarten class Christmas party...Although we have to call it a "Winter Party"...I volunteered to play my guitar and sing some Christmas songs. Little did I know that another parent in the class would remember that I played guitar when the music teacher at her school quit last week...And she would call me. I would tell her that I have never taught music before and although I can play the guitar I usually don't choose to play in public. This is when she told me that 3, 4, and 5 year olds are not really public.

So last week I interviewed (for the first time in almost a decade) and this week I can suddenly add "Pre-School Music Teacher" to my resume. Of course this is right on course with some of the other crazy (but very true) things I could put on my resume. For instance: ICEE drink promotional bear, or tap dancing Foley's bag (for a grand opening), and my all time favorite-- Nanny to Vegas on a highjacked plane. Sounds like a country-western song.

I think this little job will be fun, relatively easy, and put a little pocket change in my cute little handbag that matches my shoes.

If my blogs are a little more infrequent it's cause I am getting used to the schedule...Or I have been rendered unconscious after a serious exercise with Rhythm sticks...But hang in there I will return! I am sure that hanging around with Toddlers 9 hours a week will bring lots of blogging material.

La Vida Dulce!


Anonymous said...

May your cute little handbag get very full :-) I want to here more about some of those other crazy (but very true) things. It's time for a girls' night out!