Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Gifts

It took a few weeks, but the relief of summer has finally settled in my bones.

There is still plenty to do, but the pressure is off. My teacher hat has been set aside, and though I am already planning and preparing for next school year, it's in an state of calm that I work.

It feels good to wake up in the morning having forgot what day it is, and to spend a little more time walking/talking with friends, or planning meals, or having impromptu coffee dates. Summer is delicious and the gift of time feels luxurious. I love the margins... spacious, golden, sweet.

I spent the afternoon at my friend's farm a few weeks ago. There is always something happening at the farm (and I'm anxious to practice with my new camera lens.) The day I went some of the chicks were hatching. I'd never seen a chick hatch out the egg, all squished and matted, only to puff up into little balls of yellow and brown within 30 minutes of the egg. Amazing.

My garden is growing well. This year I added a little herb box to the other raised beds. Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Sage and Lavender. I bought so many herbs that I had a few left over to plant on my deck as well. I hope to be pulling fresh herb from the garden all year long. For now, they are little plantlings... green and new.

Grace and I volunteered at VBS last week. I had the privilege to work on the snack team, and Grace was a special buddy to a little girl named Charlotte. Charlotte is darling, and over the last year she and Grace have become great friends.

I haven't yet had time to really work in the studio, but I did get it cleaned up after a busy semester of art classes. Once I had it tidied I sat in my comfy chair and crocheted a little baby blanket. I used the pattern posted over at Little Monkeys Crochet. This is the second one I've made. The pattern is really easy and the blankets comes out so nice. I'm not sure yet who the blanket is for, but when the mood strikes to make a baby blanket one just proceeds with abandon... especially in the summer.



Lauren Deel said...

I love the photos and reading more about your summer! And I understand the need to clean up the studio, then get right to work! This happened to me this week, too. I had zero inspiration for a baby quilt for a special friend, but once I started sorting and tidying up piles of fabric, it struck! The quilt top is now finished and ready to be send out to my quilter. :)

And ummm... love that picture of our girls - so much!