Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Things are feeling decisively Octoberish, which is just fine with me.

September felt like a rush of happy events. All good things, but I'm certainly ready for some Octoberish rest.

We started September with one last trip to the sea. A birthday celebration of a dear friend, and a chance to getaway with two other couples. We stayed in a condo right on the beach. Lovely, is all I can say. It was the first time we had left our now BIG-kids at home and they did great. Oh! how far we have come from those early days on this blog. {Wow, just went back to archives, 9 years ago… that truly was Confessions of a Grade School Mom. I can tell you, that was the last time I've had a hard-lemonade (yuck!)…  I can tell you my m&m habits have not changed. But those sweet babies… whew! I'm quickly approaching that target-shopping mama… but that's for another day.}

When we got home from the beach it was time to start teaching art, which I really enjoy. I will admit, teaching two full days a week has been an adjustment. I've had to re-learn how to manage the home, school, and extra curricular activities while "working." But when my little artists are sitting at my table, it feels like a privilege.

Special Olympics Equestrian Tournament is also a September event. This year The Girl was old enough to be a youth volunteer. I hope to sit down in a few days to post my thoughts on this year's events, but I can tell you this: spending a weekend with the riders, families, and volunteers working diligently for one goal is an amazing experience. It is long and hard work, but getting to share in the joy of others is a valuable gift, and far exceeds the effort. More on that to come…

Before we could wash the horse dust from our chaps it was time to dive into birthday celebrations for my seventeen year-old. Seventeen sounds so old, and honestly, I've struggled. It is hard for me to sit in the moment today, without thinking about the tomorrows. But I'm learning to keep my mind steadfast
on the gifts given right now. So we celebrated The Boy (who is quickly becoming a man)
with cake, and friends, and lots of love. It was a great birthday!

This month also brought a change in the air, and on the trees. Everything is getting ready to show their color before a long winters rest. I love to watch the change from day to day.

September has been full and hearty, and October feels like a good time to rest.