Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Coastal Getaway

We found a sleepy coastal town to spend one day and one night together. A celebration of nineteen years.

I do believe I could walk with him all day. Especially near water on a sunny day. He is in his element when he's walking outside. Walking near water was the goal of our trip. Eating occasionally was important too. 

He patiently waited as I snapped pictures. He shared my excitement over birds on the water and turtles on land (though I'm pretty sure he's seen them before). We sipped Italian sodas (with real cream) and wondered why we hadn't done this sooner? 

We admired the color of boats. I favored the colorful ones… he, the ones built for power.

We talked about trees that thrive in brackish water. And how it is that our children are suddenly so grown. 

He ran up a green hill with me when my curiosity could no longer be held. I had to know what lay behind that stately white gate.  

He bought me coffee, and ice cream… my love language for sure. 

The house where we stayed was over a 100 years old, and we wondered what lives had been lived there. We laid in the early morning light of a lovely yellow room, content to wake up without an alarm. He didn't even laugh at me as I tried to figure out the crochet pattern of the canopy over the bed. {I think I figured it out!} :)

We celebrated nineteen years by just enjoying each others company. We cannot wait to do it again.