Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Post

It's hard to believe its only Tuesday. This week has been full. But I found myself in a place where I have a couple hours of relatively uninterrupted time to catch on the blog and other correspondence. So here we go....

Yesterday I took The Girl to her art class. She has been learning to paint from a friend of mine who lives out in the country. They have a pond and are raising up ducklings. But these three babes are too little yet to live on their own so they are currently living in the kitchen of this beautiful country home. They are darling when they get to take come out of their duck-pin a take dip in the pool. I had so much fun watching them splash and play.

On Sunday night, The Girl and I went to the Kari Jobe concert. I still remember my first concert (Amy Grant in 1987) and I was excited to experience The Girl's first concert too. I was so excited when we got to meet Kari after the concert! My friend, Angie, had also come with us, and she has excellent after-concert skills. She knew to wait until everyone left, and then she was able to find where Kari was greeting people. So much fun. Very thankful for my Girl.

The Mister bought me a new art book, Avian Friends Guided Activity Journal  and the pages are so pretty I cannot stand to paint in them. So I've decided to draw some of the pages on watercolor paper instead. I can't decide what I like more when painting, flowers or birds. In this book, you don't have to choose. I should be busy in the office for a good while.

I'm grateful that the "winter" storm expected today hasn't come. My Camellia's are starting to spring up and they just make me happy. They are my favorite flowers in the yard.

I'm still trying to gather my thoughts about the weekend, still trying to think things through, but I do know this: I am thankful for that boy.