Friday, November 02, 2012


I've come to this keyboard a thousand times in the last month. It's not that I have nothing to say, but perhaps, I have too much.

My heart is full. The last month has been heavy with moments and memories. Prayers answered and yet to be.

But in all these things my heart is laid open because I am surrounded by a great cloud... people set before me whom I am allowed to love. Really love. And what's more... who love me back.

The calender very recently flipped into a new decade. Forty. Such a round and hearty number. The celebrations long and lavish. I drank chocolate martinis on the beach with dear and faithful friends. I sipped tea with my favorite English Amiga. I sat around a table with new friends who are teaching me how to grow in strength and wisdom by simply loving. Tonight the party continues with one last round of celebration; dinner with two kindred spirits. Its been a month of gifts in the mail, phone calls and messages... people giving so much. Simply loving through time and words and prayer. Precious gifts.

I am thank-full.  Filled, and yet not stuffed. Where there is overflow, there is much to give. That's the great part about gratitude. It's contagious and, given the proper prospective, can be found in any age, in any circumstance, in any place in life. Right here, in "middle age", I'm filled beyond the depth of words.

Today marks 30 days before Thanksgiving. Today I am grateful for many things... too many to list. For this moment I am grateful for the gift of relationships. Friends and family, near and far. I am thankful for their love, and pray that I will be as generous with others as they have been to me...