Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Homemaker Perks

To satisfy the curiosity of those (most of whom don't even know this blog exists) who want to know what I do now that the kids are in school for 7 hours I want to announce what I am doing right this very minute!

Right now it is 2:15 in the afternoon. I have done 45 minutes of yoga/pilates; a load of laundry; stuffed, stamped and mailed 75 letters for my Mother's business I; ironed my husbands karate outfit; ate a peanut butter sandwich; studied the material for two bible studies I participate in; called my mother; talked to two Texas friends; let the dog out...twice; figured out what's for dinner and got it half prepared; packed two snacks (for the kids) and the current book I am reading "SisterChicks in Sombrero's" for the carpool line (where I will "park and wait" everyday for 35 minutes); showered; dressed; and now blogged.

This all happened after all the things I did between 5:30-8:30 this morning trying to get two children to school on time. And before I start my Tuesday night "stuff"...

I am not bored. I am not lonely, I do not sit and watch soap operas all day. In fact, I love what I do and I my job description hasn't changed one bit. I still do all the things I did before with two children in the home (only there's a little more stuff to do now since we all have homework, and lunches to be made, and after school classes to get to....etc). Except now it is quieter and I get more done in less time. Which brings me to the subject of "time".

The best thing about being a stay at home mom of school aged children is that I now have time to do my job well.

Time is what is what everyone wants...and as a homemaker "time" is a perk of the profession. I love it and don't feel guilty about it, and I pray everyday that I will use my time wisely...which means: "No, I will not keep your kids three days a week, or clean your house, or do all the things you don't like to do, but because you think I have nothing to do without my kids at home you didn't think i'd mind."

Want to know another perk ...right now it is 2:30 pm I am eating a bowl of Breyer's mint chip Ice cream.

So the truth is sometime I DO sit around at home and eat the proverbial "Bon- Bons".

And, for the record... they are awesome.

La Vida Dulce!