Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Weeks ago I read a blog post that solved my Great Dilemma.

I have a daughter who is cultivating a two-year fascination with mermaids.

Two years ago we saw a movie called Aquamarine about a mermaid of the blonde persuasion who had a lovely blue streak in her hair.

This little blue lock of tress made quite an impact on my (then) nine-year old and the campaign for azure adornment was born.

For two years she was denied.

Just when she had nearly worn me down I came upon this post and instantly I knew: Feathers were the answer.

So I did what any mom of a tween-ager does: I Googled it.

Within days I had The Girl sitting in a posh salon where, for three-minutes and twenty-bucks, you could have your blue streaks... and your feathers too. It's quick, and easy, and best of all not permanent.

I watched the stylist put this thing in her hair and the mantra I have on a day-to-day basis began to chant in my head: I could make do this!

All it took was a feather, some hair, a small crochet hook, a pair of pliers and a special bead to attach it with...I had everything but the feather and bead.

So I came home and ordered some.

They've been sitting on my bathroom counter for a couple of weeks.

One of the great joys of my life is to think up things to do and say that will make my kids laugh.

Yesterday morning after drying my hair I had a brilliant idea: put one of those dark feathers in your hair and see how long it takes for the kids to notice.

(This was going to be WAY more fun than that time I put googly eyes on their toothbrushes.)

As I was putting in my purple plumes I had a flashback to my college days when I had come home and was searching for snack in my parents kitchen. My dad walked in and asked about my day, when i looked up he had a small gold-ball piercing... in his nose.

In the moments that passed (that felt like hours) I contemplated my response... this was the man who told my brothers that if they ever came home with a pierced ear they better be wearing a dress. This was the man who had long let us know that his preference was that we keep our tattoos and piercing down to a minimum... but here he was with a ring in his nose.

But before I could say anything he started to laugh in the quiet way my daddy does... laughing, laughing laughing... while I wondered if he was having a crises. Oh, he was tickled with himself.

Turns out he had found a magnetized earring and bought it. Hours later I was in my room studying when I heard my brother walk in the front door and say, "Dad! What is that in your nose?!?!"

And the laughing commenced... still makes me laugh today.

All feathered and ready I ran downstairs waiting for someone (anyone!) to find it.
They are subtle...
Nobody noticed until late in the night and by that time I had forgotten.

They laughed (a little), and declared it looked "cool."

I guess for big laughs nose-rings are best.

I had decided I would take them out, but The Boy said, "Why mom? I think they look nice." So I am going to keep them for a day or two... or at least until co-op starts in September.

Who knows? Maybe I'll start a trend with all the other housewives and home-educators. You know what they say.....birds of a feather.

PS: It was recently brought to my attention that I make a "funny scrunchy-face." When I asked The Mister if this was true he said, "Oh yeah, that's classic Kellie."  So Becky, this is for you:


whimzie said...

No lie, I like it! I think the purple looks good against your dark hair and you should keep it for awhile. It's fun! And nowI want one, too! Hook a sister up?

Anonymous said...

oo I really like them!! Will you put one in my hair!!

Tanya said...

You are too stinkin' cute. And I think they look GREAT!!!

Of course, that's coming from a girl who was nicknamed "Purp" in college thanks to an unsuccessful attempt to look like Courtney Cox.

In college I also did the striped thing. You see, natural blondes have all sorts of ways to ruin our hair. The poison of choice that time was Kool-aid. Red, cherry Kool-aid. They said it would wash out in a week or two. Mine lasted close to three months, ever so gradually fading to hot pink and then peachy-orange before eventually settling into a subtle strawberry blonde. Fun times. Every once in a while I'm tempted to do it again. Hmmm ... the temptation ...

Anonymous said...

Mei has been begging for streaks forever. She would love the feathers. How much do you charge?
- Bev

Kim said...

I really like it! Great summer look-very fun! Your post made me laugh and inspired me to find a way to make my kids laugh!

Jennifer M. said...

Not to take your daughter's side, but technically not even hair dye is permanent. It all grows out eventually. ;P

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

LOVE it, Kellie! I think they're so fun!

I also love the duct tape table. Very clever...and very cute.