Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Thyroids and Other Fine Things

The good news is that I feel a little better today.

The bad news is that I sound worse.

This morning I sat in the pediatric dentists office trying to act inconspicuous. I tried really hard to act casual while hacking up a lung.

I felt pretty confident that I was doing a good job until a lady with her adorable 6 year old boy walked in the room. Which is actually a funny story....

The nurse asked this women if it was all right to take her son's bite-wing x-rays. The mom answered in a tone that was highly patronizing and very loud, "Please be sure to cover his..." and then she waved her hand in a circle around the lower portion her own body.

The nurse respectfully replied, "Oh yes, don't worry, we use a lead apron."

The mom condescendingly says, "well, be sure to cover his thyroids."

I began to wonder if she was confusing one body part for the others.

Anyway, this same mom was giving me the evil eye when I had a small coughing fit. Luckily, my kids appointment was quick (no cavities, HOORAY!) and we were able to make a swift exit.

You know, I should probably give this women the benefit of the doubt. Maybe her son has health issues, maybe she's just really concerned about radiation, but speaking kindly to others isn't all that hard.

Since I have had some time on my hands this week I decided to make a couple of Easter Baskets.

I hooked up these super-easy easy baskets using this pattern.

The blue one is done with only two strands of yarn (instead of three as the pattern suggests.)

The pink one was actually an entire skein of yarn that I hooked into one long single-chain. I had seen this technique done one other projects and wanted to try it out (instead of using separate strands). I wouldn't do it again for this kind of project - maybe it was just the wrong kind of yarn for that technique, but it made things difficult.

So that's it, the good the bad and the crafty.

I cannot wait to show you the pictures I took outside this morning of my garden flowers. Oh! they are nice...but until then the picture above is actually from my neighbors yard (every year she catches me taking photos in her yard, and she doesn't even mind!)....spring is in full bloom!

Until tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

hehe the cover his thyroids kinda makes me giggle.. since well we only have 1 of them ;-) Love the baskets :-)

Gretchen said...

As someone who wore a thyroid cover for years (in addition to the apron) as I did video studies of folks' swallowing...I would have loved to share with her that the thyroid cover is very SMALL! :) And, perhaps even TINY for a 6 year old boy. I know. The condescension of others brings out the evil, competitive nature in me.

Lurve the baskets. Lurve you. Have an awesome Easter Sunday. xxxooo