Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New York City Moment: Rodents

I like to pretend I'm tough.

I'm not a very high maintenance person.

OK, actually I am, but I'm pretty adept at pretending I'm not.

However, there are a few things that can show my true colors in nano-second:


-Spiders, or any insect that isn't of the friendly sort.

-Rodents, or any dirty creature that crawls. (I had an incident with a very confrontational squirrel in the Grand Canyon a couple years ago, but that's for another post.)

When I took The Girl to NYC I spent the first two hours biting my lip in an attempt to keep my emotions under control. It was the city I had always dreamed of visiting and I couldn't believe I was there!

Here I was, in the busiest and most famous of cities - a city I had only ever seen on TV and movies. It was everything I imagined it to be: steam coming up from the  sewer vents. People in a hurry who don't make eye contact. Smells of roasted chestnuts and mystery meat cooking on street corners. Pigeons walking around in that funny headed-bobbing way. And the buildings, oh! the buildings!

I tried with a great deal of restraint to keep from looking like a tourist.

I walked up Fifth Avenue with three little girls (two blondes and my dark-headed Girl) I imagined someone might think I was a New Yorker walking my charges to some important place in the city.

I'm sure I looked like a native, with a camera around my neck and a smile on my face.

Silly girl.

Anyway, there was a moment that was so N-Y-C, that I giggled in spite of the fact that I was slightly alarmed.

These signs were posted all over the front of building that was directly attached to our hotel.

It was in this moment that I realized not all my New York imaginations were real, because all I could think about was Rizzo the Rat and his friendly mice family who worked in the cafe in the Muppets Take Manhattan.

Within a split second, I went from Rizzo to reality...my hotel bed was within 50 feet of these posted signs. I could feel that high-maintenance feeling crawling up from my toes...but then it passed.

I chalked it up to a New York experience...and I decided to let my imagination lead the way. A rat serving coffee? Now that would be cool.



Alison said...

Just feel I should add ...we could never have disguised our tourist status even without 12 bags, 3 exhausted little girls and our asking "which way is North ?" !! Think we were pretty classy girls on tour in NYC though ! You were a great companion..thanks for being so low maintainance !! (Was wondering...I get the rodent and spider thing...but what is with the MAYONNAISE ???)

New Every Morning said...

There's nothing like the "whole experience!" :)