Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Good Day - A Gift

I had every intention of getting out today and running all over town.

But with a text and phone call my plans changed, and I sighed with great relief. It feels good to have a day to just be at home without a full agenda.

So I've crafted and sewed and made homemade bread. I folded laundry and went for a run, while the kids rode their bikes.

And since I started this blog post, I've had two different friends stop-by for a quick chat.

All day long my windows have been open and the cool breeze has mingled through each room. I love it when the curtains blow gently in soft little waves.

This good day. It is a gift. One filled with friends, and work, and leisure and beautiful things to see....

And that this good day should happen in my favorite time of year... when the browns of winter give way to greens; and the promise of blossom is hanging on the vine.

It fills me with excitement for today and hope for tomorrow, when cool mornings will soon be warm and we'll eat popsicles at night while we watch the fireflies glow - when we have to wash the dirt off our bare-feet before bed.

Even if those warm-ish days are still far away, I'm content.

I am thankful for this good day.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I absolutely LOVE days like that...and had one similar to yours yesterday. You're right, it's a gift.

Hey, you're a Fernando Ortega fan, right? Are you familiar with that song of his called This Good Day? I was singing it by the end of your post. ;)

BTW, LOVED your NYC pics. I've NEVER been. I want to go someday and so do my kids. Their big dream is to be on Cash Cab. ;)

Lori said...

Sounds like a perfectly divine day. Enjoy your weekend!

Sandy said...

Are you gonna have your windows open tomorrow?
I too love those kind of days!
Your afghan is really beautiful.