Thursday, June 25, 2009

Of Blankets and Alligators

I have been wanting to show you this picture for some time now. The Girl had a birthday in early February. It was frigid outside and I was longing for warmer weather.  So I made her this cake, in celebration of the heat to come.

And now we're here. 

Time's a tickin' away.

But I didn't come here today to talk about summer and cake.

I am here to talk about blankets and the alligator death roll.

You may not know what the alligator death roll is, so let me tell you what Wikipedia says:

Alligators consume food that cannot be eaten in one bite by allowing it to rot or by biting and then spinning or convulsing wildly until bite-size chunks are torn off. This is referred to as the "death roll." A hard-wired response developed over millions of years of evolution, even juvenile alligators execute death rolls when presented with warm fuzzy blankets chunks of meat.
Now back to the issue.

You see, I am a lover of all things cozy and warm. 

There is nothing better than a blanket.

Summer or winter.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to sit in an air conditioned room with a fan blowing on me, and a light blanket to snuggle under. 

I also enjoy this when I sleep at night. 

Which makes The Mister say funny things about me, and brings me to the next subject...

A conversation with The Mister.

The scene: Late last night as we were tucking ourselves into the bed for the evening.

The Mister (TM): Hey, are you gonna let me have some covers tonight? Or am I going to have to fight you again?

La Vida CoffeeGal (LVCG): What in the name of all things sweet could you possibly be talking about? I am no cover thief.

TM: Last night you tried to do the alligator roll again. Amazingly, I was able to stop you at the pass. It was critical that you didn't get into the full roll. I might freeze to death.

LVCG: I do not believe that I do the alligator roll...and also, I am not a cover thief.

He also tried to bring up allegations that I sleep in the middle of the bed. 

I pled the fifth, but I told him I would try not to keep the covers from him...although I wasn't exactly sure how it would work out since, you know, I'd be asleep and all.


Carpool Queen said...

HA!!!! I do the same thing, except I didn't have the fancy schmancy name to describe it.

This is why we're friends.

You put words to my life.

Kristin said...

Love the cake! Did you make all the cute flowers out of fondant, or is it icing? I have no talent for cake decorating, but wish I did!

Gretchen said...

I have NO idea what he's talking about! I "hmph" on your behalf. :)

That cake is scrumptious in about eleventy million ways.

really.truly said...

That cake is gorgeous!

I love that term....alligator roll. I've been known to do lots of crazy things in my sleep, I would believe the alligator roll to be one of them.

Kendra said...

I do believe my husband does the alligator roll. Myself, I do not move once I am in bed. Because I sleep with an alligator.

Amber said...

I, also, have been accused of the alligator roll. But, I, like you, have no idea where these allegations come from.

And that Beautiful. And the flip flops? Devine.

Such The Spot said...

Ohmygoodness Kellie that cake is pure awesomeness. Dang! that you moved. I would have hired you to bake some coolio birthday cakes for my poor deprived children who are forced to suffer through my far inferior concoctions each and every year.

And, honestly, I no longer need to watch Animal Planet. I'll just come straight to you for all my wild animal questions. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL oo to funny! Last night I felt Tim get up and come back a minute later.. I asked if everything was okay and he told me he went to get a blanket. It was then I realized I had swaddled myself up in the blanket ;-)

Anonymous said...

I may or may not have been in the middle of the bed.. not quite ready to confess evertyhing.

Tracey said...

I am a confessed alligator seems to have started right after I turned 40. I have no idea the correlation..maybe I hit the age where I didn't care if my sweet husband froze to death?? I don't know. But, I can't deny it because most of the covers are hanging off my side of the bed every morning.

LOVE the are very talented and I am now very hungry.

Elizabeth said...

I do the same thing and my husband hates it. I won't mention that there's a name for it or I'll hear about it every night.

That cake makes me drool. So cute!

Tiffani said...

Girl, I've lived in the South so long I don't touch blankets unless it's dead winter.

I sleep with a sheet only and that comes off halfway through the no alligator rolling in the Long household.

You've seriously got some mad cake decorating skills!!! OH.MY. Love it! And now I want cake!

jen said...

Oh, let's do talk about that cake some more - so cute! I love the flowers that you made at the bottom!

As for the blanket thing: so funny!

Jackie said...

First of all - that cake? Gorgeous. I get so inspired by all of the cute things you make.

Secondly - I am sitting here right now, with the air conditioning on, a fan blowing on me, and the only reason I don't have a blanket covering me is because my laptop is warming me up. But at night the rooms MUST be cool enough so that I can get all cozy with my blanket. Ha! I totally know what you mean.

Lori said...

Too funny! That cake is gorgeous as well. Thanks for teaching me an interesting tidbit about alligators today... :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for a term for what I've been doing for years but didn't know what to call it!

Yay for your mad cake skillz. I don't even frost well. I need lessons.