Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have lost my wedding ring and I am literally sick over it.

We had pizza with The Mister's parents last Saturday evening and by the time we got home my hands were a bit swollen, so I took off my ring and placed it in my nightstand drawer. I have been doing a lot of sewing this week and hadn't put the ring back on. I do remember that on Wednesday evening I opened the drawer right before bed to get some lotion and saw the ring laying there, but I didn't put it on. That was the last time I remember seeing it.

This morning we were one our way out to the kids soccer games and I went to the drawer to get my ring and it was gone. I have no memory of moving it, or seeing it, or anything. The Mister and I have torn this house apart; we have moved furniture and cleaned out drawers; emptied pockets and purses.

Of course The Mister, in his faithful and loving style, has been so kind to me as we have looked together for my ring. Which almost makes it worse! Please pray that I would remember what I did with it, or that God would show the ring to me. And if it is truly lost, that God will give me comfort cuz, y'all, my heart is so very tender right now.


Anonymous said...

Was it within reach of were Kona could have gotten to it? You may need to get a little shuvel and check the piles in the back yard.

If it had a Pizza smell on it, Kona may have come over and started licking it, and then it may have shlepped right down her throat. It may take a day or two if that was the case.

Mr. Moofish

Anonymous said...

Mr Moonfish,I voted for Kona too.
K's Mom

spaghettipie said...

Could it be in the pages of a book or something that was in the drawer? Did you actually take the drawer out - could it have fallen into the back of the nightstand, inside where the drawer goes?

I will definitely pray.