Thursday, November 08, 2007


Sometimes my mind works so mysteriously it scares me.

For instance I was mortified last week when I went to the school and ran into friend of mine from the gym, we'll call her K. K starts talking to me and the conversation reminds me of another conversation I had had the week before. I tell K all about this story and she's looking at me and smiling and we laugh, and I say good bye.

As I am walking away it begins to dawn on me that the conversation I have just told her about was actually the conversation I had had with her!! And instead of looking at me and saying,"Yes, Kellie, I know this funny story because we were the ones laughing about it together just last week.", she just nodded and let me gab on and on, and on. Actually it wasn't that long but it felt that way when I realized what I had done.

I ran back to her and said, "That conversation I just told you about? It was with you wasn't it?" And she just smiled and said, "Yeah, actually it was. But the way you told it was so funny, I just couldn't stop you."

Well, honey, the last laughs on me.


dcrmom said...

ARGH!! Embarassing. LOL!!!!! I have SO done that.

Lara said...

Face it honey yer gettin OLD!

June Cutoff Cash said...

I am forever telling the same story over and over, like my grandmother did when she got dementia. I HATE it when people let me tell it again. Somebody stop me.

Also, do you have trouble with telling a story and you can tell the person has already read about it in your blog?